Ace Cash Express Prepaid Cards

While Ace Cash Express is known to specialize in fulfilling short term loans, but they also have popular debit cards as part of their product roster. In addition to their traditional payday loans, ACE Cash Express also offers prepaid debit cards to its customers, particularly those who have bad or no credit, or those who simply don't want to incur new credit card debt. In most cases, you can load your prepaid card via free direct deposit from your employer. But in some cases, you may also load these cards through a payday advance loan or other means. Latest Promotion: Ace Elite cards offer NO-FEE reloads over the first 30 days of use.

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Adam November 17, 2011 at 5:51 pm

I like the payment plan system. It looks like their plan with the direct deposit is probably the best one because the basic plan cost is lower than if you do not have a direct deposit set up. I think it may be the lowest cost plan of all, actually and could be the best choice if you are going to use the card actively. But do you have other suggestions for cheap prepaid cards?

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A Look At Ace Cash Express Prepaid Debit Cards

What will you get by using ACE Cash Express Prepaid Debit Cards? Ace Cash Express offers a couple of debit cards designed to allow individuals the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of having a Visa card without the hassle of credit checks and interest charges. Individuals have the ability to load and reload these prepaid debit cards through free direct deposit or possibly, through loan sources as well.

With prepaid debit cards, you typically add funds to the cards before you can use them. When you apply for an ACE prepaid card, you'll instantly get a response. If you want, you can transfer money from your prepaid card to a bank savings account (and vice versa). It's free to do so, although the bank may impose a fee for this transaction. Usually with prepaid debit cards, if you try to make a purchase that goes over your deposit amount, your transaction will be declined. That way, you won’t have overdraft fees like you may have encountered with checking accounts. Also, ACE prepaid cards don’t require credit checks and you won’t have to face rejection for a card if you’ve had bad credit in the past.

Like other Visa cards, you can use your ACE prepaid cards at ATMs, at stores, online, and for phone transactions. Don’t forget to select a PIN if you want to use the card at ATMs. You can have a total of three (3) debit cards on your account, so you can give two to family members or friends if you want.

Here’s what you can expect from an Ace Visa prepaid debit card:

  1. NO interest charges. The Ace Visa prepaid cards are debit cards and are not credit cards. Because you only use the money you load onto the card, you won't be accumulating any debt, and therefore there are no interest charges.
  2. Can be used anywhere. This card can be used at any merchant that accepts Visa debit cards. This means that you can withdraw cash at any ATM and make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted, both in retail locations and online. Individuals may get the added benefit of being able to make purchases that are reserved for credit card only use, such as car rentals and airline tickets.
  3. Reasonable Maintenance Fees. You are provided with three different payment plans in order to pay for the use of your card. You can pay per transaction or choose a plan (with or without direct deposit) with a base fee. For those with a base fee, your independent transaction charges will be markedly lower and many fees are waived. Note that ATM withdrawals and purchase transactions are chargeable transactions. There are also a myriad of small service fees, but these are made known to you. There are no hidden fees. You only pay a maintenance fee if you are not actively using your card or account.
  4. Credit Checks Not Required. Ace Cash prepaid debit cards are designed with the credit-challenged individual in mind. Because you are using your own cash, your credit won't really matter to your issuer. There are no credit checks, so this means that everyone is approved.
  5. Use Free Text Alerts. Need help keeping track of your card activity? You can sign up for alerts to be sent to your email address or cell phone. If you prefer, you can check in with your account online or by a toll-free number any time of day.

Ace Cash Express makes it possible for people who can’t get a credit card to be able to enjoy the same benefits as those who can, without the hassle of credit checks or mounting debt. The prepaid debit card also helps keep your money safe. Carrying cash is a risky proposition because there is no protection against loss or theft. But if your Ace Cash Express prepaid debit card is lost or stolen, you can be sure that your money is safe. Ace will issue you a new card the very next day, keeping you in touch with your money. So if you're ever in the market for a prepaid debit card, an Ace Cash prepaid card may be one to consider.