Columbus Bank & Trust Company Prepaid Cards

Columbus Bank and Trust Company is committed to being the best regional bank in Columbus Georgia by doing what’s right for their customers, each time and every time. And nowhere is this commitment more apparent than in their prepaid debit card line up. While they've got credit cards such as the Visa Platinum Credit Card and Purchase Perks Credit Card for those with good credit, they also offer reloadable debit cards for those with less than exceptional credit or no credit. We cover their prepaid card options below.

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Reloadable Debit Cards & Other Products From CB & T Bank

Who is Columbus Bank and Trust? Columbus Bank and Trust is a division of Synovus Bank and is headquartered in Columbus Georgia. Founded on the idea that their customers are more than just account numbers, Columbus Bank and Trust has committed itself to forging the best banking relationships in the industry. Columbus Bank and Trust offers a wide variety of quality banking products for individuals as well as businesses including deposit accounts, insurance and investment products and a long list of loan products including credit cards. But CB & T Bank also has prepaid reloadable cards as part of its product list. Let's take a closer look at the Green Dot cards that are available through Columbus Bank and Trust Company:

Green Dot Prepaid MasterCard & Green Dot Gold Prepaid Visa Card: These products are popular debit cards that are great choices for those with no credit or bad credit. You don't need a credit check to qualify, and these cards don't charge fees. They also make things convenient by offering online bill pay and direct deposit features. If you don’t want to deal with checking accounts and the possibility of bouncing checks; or if you like to give cash as gifts, but don’t like the uncertainty of sending it through the mail, then these prepaid cards are a good alternative.

Once you are ready to graduate to credit cards, you can turn to CB & T for possible options. Let's check a few credit cards that are in Columbus Bank & Trust's lineup. Here is a sampling:

  1. Visa Platinum Credit Card: For those individuals looking for a great no fuss, no muss (and no annual fee) credit card, Columbus Bank and Trust offers its Visa Platinum Credit Card. It’s a no nonsense, low interest rate, low maintenance fee card that gives you access to millions of retail and online merchant locations, ATM locations and even offers rental car collision damage waivers.
  2. Purchase Perks Visa Credit Card: If making the most out of every dollar spent is your financial goal, then the Purchase Perks Visa Credit Card is the card for you. Not only do you earn points redeemable for a wide variety of rewards incentives, you also get the benefits of $500,000 of travel accident insurance, Concierge services, $1500 in hotel/burglary reimbursement, lost luggage reimbursement and much more. Frequent travelers will find this card an invaluable financial tool.
  3. Cash Rewards Visa Card: Keeping up with rewards points can sometimes be a drag, especially for those who prefer cash. For these individuals, Columbus Bank and Trust offers a cash back rewards card that reimburses you a percentage of your monthly spending each month up to $400 annually as a thank you for using your card.

And the perks don’t stop there. Businesses can also take advantage of Visa credit cards available from Columbus Bank and Trust. The Visa Corporate Credit Card allows businesses both large and small to take control over their company’s spending without paying an annual fee. Spending limits can be established for each card issued, allowing you to choose the level of control you want over your business expenses. Visa purchasing cards are also available.

Columbus Bank and Trust truly believes that making banking personal again is the key to their continued success. This, coupled with their strong focus on giving back to the communities they serve, makes them a good banking institution with which to do business.