IBERIABANK has several balance transfer credit card offerings that promise a low interest rate, among them a cash back credit card and a rewards card that helps you earn points. To become approved for an IBERIABANK card, you'll need excellent credit. IBERIABANK is the consumer banking arm of IBERIABANK Corporation, established 123 years ago. With its primary footprint limited to the Southeast region of the United States, it offers over 100 branches in Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. IBERIABANK offers a full line of consumer banking products such as deposit accounts, credit cards and loan products and a variety of investment products that meet the needs of its ever-evolving mix of personal and commercial banking clientele.

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IBERIABANK Credit Cards For Those With Excellent Credit

Who is IBERIABANK? IBERIABANK has a long banking industry, undergoing quite a few changes over the years. In 1956, the company was turned into a savings and loan, and in 1988, they were once more rebranded as a savings bank. Up until October 1989, the bank had enjoyed a successful organic growth business model that allowed the bank to flourish in the southeast United States. But the turning point came in late 1989 when it started an acquisition process, buying up many financial institutions, several savings and loan companies and banks. In October of 1996, the company rebranded yet again, this time to become IBERIABANK.

In an effort to become a full service financial services company, IBERIABANK purchased Pulaski Investment Company, Pulaski Mortgage Company and Pulaski Title Company. Over the past several years, IBERIABANK has purchased a number of failed bank institutions in an effort to expand its presence and increase its holdings, which as of July 2010 reached over $10.4 billion.

One of the main reasons that IBERIABANK has weathered the financial crisis of today is due to its sound credit policy. While IBERIABANK steadfastly remains a deposit bank, it has a limited credit card portfolio aimed at providing quality credit card products to well qualified customers. IBERIABANK provides credit card products to consumers and businesses with excellent credit only, but for those applicants who qualify, they can expect:

  1. Low Interest Rates: All IBERIABANK credit cards have low every day interest rates, with some that offer even lower interest rates for a limited introductory period. You'll get the introductory rate when you transfer your balance over, and in the case of one card, when you begin making purchases. All cards have no annual fee.
  2. Online Account Maintenance: Every IBERIABANK credit card comes with 24/7 online access to your account. This access allows you to monitor your account for fraudulent charges, to make payments, to update personal information and to manage spending, all from the comfort of your home.
  3. Rewards: One of the IBERIABANK credit cards offers a cash back reward with no limit on the amount of cash you can earn. This means that you earn a certain percentage of every dollar you spend on your card, which is refunded to your account at a given time the following month. Another card allows you to earn rewards points which can be redeemed for free hotel stays, gifts, or other travel rewards and also offers you travel accident coverage of up to $1,000,000.

So, the next time you are ready to apply for a new credit card account and you have excellent credit, think about applying with IBERIABANK. While their credit card portfolio is somewhat smaller than those of other banks, the credit card products that they offer have great terms and are feature rich.