Simmons First National Bank Credit Cards

Simmons First National Bank has been in the business of serving its customers for over a century. With its meager beginnings in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Simmons First National Bank has committed itself to first class customer service, bringing banking back to the people. This is readily apparent in their consumer banking product offerings. From deposit bank accounts to credit cards to credit card processing services, this financial institution has got its customers covered. Check out their card offerings in our list below.

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The Story Behind Simmons First National Bank Credit Cards

Who is Simmons First National Bank? This institution is the largest bank that is headquartered in Arkansas with over $2.7 billion in assets. Simmons First was founded by Dr. John Franklin Simmons in 1903 with bank deposits totaling just over $3,300.00. It was also the first bank to offer a Bank America credit card, now known as Visa (in 1967) and holds the distinction for being the first banking institution to enable a customer to make the first intercontinental ATM transaction in 1984, when a Simmons First credit card holder withdrew $285 from an ATM in Sydney, Australia. A bit of trivia there!

Simmons First National Bank is also a bank known for giving back to the community. In 2006, it received the Outstanding Philanthropic Corporation Award from the Arkansas Community Foundation.

While this bank offers only a handful of credit card products, the cards are some of the best in the marketplace in terms of interest rates and fees. None of the Simmons First credit card products have annual fees. Here is a sampling of their offers, although you'll see our favored selections in our list above.

  1. Visa Platinum: The Visa Platinum has 24 hour access to cash anywhere you go, thanks to its worldwide acceptance by ATMs. This is also complemented by a low variable interest rate, a $1,000,000 accidental insurance policy and a rental car accident insurance policy, making this a great choice for travelers.
  2. Visa Gold Select: Simmons First offers the Visa Gold Select card to credit card customers who do not qualify for the Platinum card product. Customers get the same 24 hour ATM access, travel insurance and rental car accident damage, though the credit limits are lower. The card also carries a slightly higher variable interest rate.
  3. Visa Platinum Travel Rewards: This is Simmons First's travel rewards credit card. Not only does a Platinum Travel Rewards customer get all of the benefits of being a Platinum card carrier, he or she also has the luxury of earning rewards points on each net dollar spent on the card which can be redeemed for airline tickets, cruises, hotel stays, vacation packages, car rentals and much more. For more cards of this type, you can also check out the choices in our travel & hotel credit card list and our airline miles credit card list.
  4. Student Platinum Visa: Simmons First recognizes that college students have a limited credit history and offers them the opportunity to build credit with their Student Platinum Visa card.

Of course, Simmons First National Bank credit card customers have the opportunity to utilize many of the other banking products that are offered. If you live in Arkansas, you may want to consider banking with this institution as well. They have all the power and leverage of a big bank and the customer focus of a community bank.