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When many people think of investing, they think of the crowded, chaotic floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Investing conjures images of excitement and the thrill of making lots of money with one trade. However, this type of excitement only comes with certain, more aggressive types of investing like day trading, FOREX trading and the like. Aggressive trading styles require a lot of research, a lot of skill and a lot of luck, but for those who execute a well laid plan, the rewards are limitless. For investors who are interested in learning the ropes of such aggressive trading, here are a few places to take note.


Fibonacci Swing Trader

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  • Frank Paul has developed "Fibonacci Swing Trader" as a comprehensive course designed to teach traders how to interpret the signals to allow them to make effective trade decisions.
  • There are 13 individual modules in this foundation course that help you identify trends, evaluate your risk and reward potential, and even minimize risk from your trades.
  • The total running time of this video course is 631 minutes (or 10.5 hours) and covers everything about swing trading.
  • There's also a Daily Portfolio Advisory Service that complements the foundation course that aims to teach you how to identify trading opportunities.
  • You can learn how to swing trade at your own pace.

Forex Profits with MACD

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  • “Forex Profits with MACD” by Frank Paul is a comprehensive course designed to advance your forex trading career through the use of the MACD indicator, one of the most powerful indicators in the market.
  • With “Forex Profits with MACD”, you will learn how to incorporate the MACD indicator along with the basic concepts of resistance and support to gain a greater insight into the market.
  • Bonus one includes a mini course designed to increase your understanding of MACD through the use of the MACD-Parabolic entry system.
  • Bonus two involves learning how to use indicator overlays with MACD.
  • Bonus three offers you six months of weekly charting examples to further demonstrate the techniques taught in “Forex Profits with MACD”.

A Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System

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  • “A Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System” by Alan Benefield is a no-nonsense approach to forex trading that allows you to keep your day job while making profits in the market.
  • The key concept to this system is to learn how to read the market quickly and execute profitable strategies in minutes, allowing you to continue working and living.
  • “A Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System” teaches powerful concepts through a visually oriented method, which is quick and effective.
  • As a bonus, this course offers free trading example videos and analysis for one year. These examples drive home the trading techniques taught in the course.
  • Alan’s course is available in online and DVD formats.

Mastering MetaTrader 4 in 90 Minutes

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  • Designed for active traders, Metatrader is a forex trading and charting system for intermediate to advanced forex traders.
  • The Metatrader system is an effective and feature rich forex trading platform that allows traders to take advantage of emerging market trends quickly and profitably.
  • “Mastering Metatrader 4 in 90 minutes” teaches traders how to use the platform and all of its robust features in a straightforward way.
  • “Mastering Metatrader 4 in 90 minutes” shows you how to get Metatrader 4 for free, how to set up your charts, how to use the templates and profiles, how to set up price alerts and much more.
  • And, you get four bonus lessons to further your knowledge.

How to Trade Currencies Like the Big Dogs

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  • “How to Trade Currencies Like the Big Dogs” by Peter Bain is a complete trading educational course for novice traders and experienced traders This system teaches you to trade currencies in the same manner as large commercial traders do, looking beyond indicators and learning to read support and resistance levels.
  • “How to Trade Currencies Like the Big Dogs” teaches future forex traders to rely on support and resistance instead of technical analysis to make profitable forex trades.
  • This course shows new investors the why behind the most common new investor mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • “How to Trade Currencies Like the Big Dogs” teaches you how to create useful charts instead of clutter, how to predict highs and lows, how to conduct top-down analysis and much more.
  • “How to Trade Currencies Like the Big Dogs” teaches investors how to use pivot points to avoid “no man’s land” and unnecessary losses.

The Forex Money Makers

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  • “The Forex Money Makers” by Paul Bain is a straightforward beginner’s guide to making profits in the forex markets.
  • “The Forex Money Makers” main goal is to teach novice traders how to trade like large commercial traders and utilize tried and true trading methods.
  • 12 lessons including an Intro to Basics, Where to find the Money in Forex, 11 reasons to trade forex, the secrets of the Big Dogs, Day Trading, and much more are included in the course offering.
  • The easy to follow Five Step Trading System will have you trading and profiting in forex markets quickly.
  • “The Forex Money Makers” is available in both online and DVD versions.

Fast Track to Forex

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  • “Fast Track to Forex” by Frank Paul is a comprehensive, easy to follow training course for new and new to forex traders.
  • “Fast Track to Forex” teaches key concepts such as how currencies are quoted, contract sizing, account equity, trade readiness, pros and cons of fundamentals, maximizing interest rate differentials, and much more.
  • With this course, you will also receive a very effective trading system that will start earning you profits quickly.
  • You will also receive a second bonus report outlining the benefits of the Parabolic-SMI indicator, a complex yet powerful trading tool.
  • As a third bonus, you will receive a guide to understanding the Elliot Wave, a theoretical approach to understanding the market and how to identify profitable trade setups.

Pro Trader Training Series 7 Bundle

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  • The Pro Trader Training Series 7 Bundle offers forex traders one of the most comprehensive forex training courses available today.
  • This course covers such topics as advanced tactics for forex traders, high probability reverse patterns, optimal trade entry, understanding global fundamentals and much more.
  • By buying these courses in this bundle, students can save up to 50% over the standard issue price.
  • This self study series of courses allow you to learn at your own pace in the comfort of your own home.
  • Purchasing this bundle enables you to gain access to Chris Lori’s other educational services including his live workshops and membership into the pro-trader’s club.

High Reward, Low Risk Forex Trading

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  • “High Reward, Low Risk Forex Trading” is one of the most comprehensive forex trading courses on the market today.
  • This course covers such topics as risk management, money management, trade management, stop placement, profit objective, tools, pivots, Fibonacci support/resistance, and so much more.
  • Bonus one includes more indepth courses on topics such as pivot zone trading, trend trading, and swing points.
  • Bonus two includes professional advice on tools and indicators used on the Metatrader 4 platform.
  • Bonus three includes live trade example videos designed to bring everything together visually.

The Forex Scalping Course

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  • Scalping is a trading technique that allows traders to reap smaller profits more often when the markets don’t provide ideal conditions for big profits.
  • “The Forex Scalping Course” is designed to teach traders the technique of scalping and how to use it effectively.
  • “The Forex Scalping Course” was developed with all investors in mind, from the very inexperienced to the most advanced forex traders.
  • Not only will you receive the full three part course, but you will also receive ongoing examples of this system at work.
  • “The Forex Scalping Course” is available in both online and CD Rom versions.

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Learning To Trade With Forex Trading Systems

Forex trading involves investing in foreign currencies. Currencies trade in pairs, meaning that you have to purchase one currency with another, and profits (and losses) are based on the exchange rate between the currency pairs you choose at the time you trade. For instance, let’s say that you think that the value of the Japanese yen is on the rise. You purchase as much yen as you can with U.S. dollars. Then, you hold the yen until you believe the currency has reached its peak and then re-buy U.S. dollars with your now more valuable yen. If you have timed your trades correctly, you will be able to purchase more U.S. dollars than you had to start, thus earning you a profit. Sounds easy, right?

The truth is Forex trading is extremely volatile and complicated, meaning that it is definitely not a trading discipline for novice traders. As a matter of fact, seasoned traders expect to lose more often than they win when it comes to making forex trades in terms of the number of trades that result in a loss instead of a profit. However, when a forex trade goes well, it can be extremely profitable, which makes this an extremely attractive form of trading.

With that being said, if you are new to forex trading you are going to need the right guidance and support in order to become successful. Many forex trading sites dedicate themselves to offering high quality tutorials and webinars designed to teach you the ropes of forex trading. Choose a site that offers a learning environment that caters to your particular skill set and level. If you are a more experienced trader, find a course that takes that into consideration. If you are new to trading altogether, it makes sense to find a more comprehensive and basic educational platform.

Another really good learning tool is virtual trading. Virtual trading allows you to practice your forex strategies before putting them into play with real money. The nice thing about most virtual trading environments is that they utilize real market movements so you get to see how your investment would have worked out had you traded real money on a real market, making this an invaluable tool for learning.

And lastly, successful forex trading relies heavily upon you being connected to your investments and being able to utilize a trading platform. Currency markets are extremely liquid and volatile so having access to an active online trading platform and even a mobile trading platform helps keep you connected to your investments and allows you to take advantage of market movements more quickly, which can mean the difference between a big profit or an even bigger loss. Check out these best forex brokers for brokerages and systems that allow you to trade in the forex market.