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As stewards of a financial site, we try to cover different approaches to handling money, and in particular, we look at various ways that people make money in the stock market. We’re primarily long term investors, but even as we advocate indexing and passive investing strategies, we also keep our minds open to trading strategies in order to get a balanced view of the investment world. Ever wonder how traders make their money online? You don’t have to be an aspiring trader to benefit from the material we present here. We’d like to provide you with enriching information that can help you decide whether or not to pursue shorter term investment strategies.

Experts have long advocated investing for the long term for small investors. Buying and Holding for an indefinite period of time has always been a popular stock market investing strategy. Today, however, we have online trading platforms which allow for less expensive commissions in short term investing. Lower commission rates mean that it is less of a disadvantage to invest for shorter, fixed periods. It also means that it becomes much more convenient and alluring for investors to turn to trading as a way of increasing returns. Because of the availability of investment educational material and tools, as well as cheaper online brokerages and trading platforms, the world of stock and options trading has virtually exploded in growth and has entered the realm of the retail investor. Because of this, it is even more important to realize that trading is a highly risky endeavor, and that it should only be attempted after careful education and study. In fact, any type of trading activity that you engage in should be carried on with careful deliberation. Whether you decide to mix buy and hold investments with market timing positions or decide to trade aggressively, make sure you are aware of the kind of risks you are taking on.

So here’s where we dish out on active stock investing and options trading ideas and strategies. Most of the material here is for beginners and medium level investors.

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