MarketClub Trading Software: Free Trial Offer

by Silicon Valley Blogger on 2010-04-261

MarketClub Trading Software (

Are you a stock market trader? While we here at The Digerati Life are long time investors, we’ve also looked into and explored stock market timing and stock and options trading as a way of boosting our investment returns. Having a core long term portfolio is our recommended way to invest, but we’re not opposed to having a portion of our portfolio devoted to relatively riskier pursuits, including short term market trading action. If you can control your risks in a strategic manner, then having a bit of fun with trading is acceptable. And there are also those people who DO want to make trading a way of life. If you decide to go down this path, then it will entail a lot of training and experience.

There are also those readers who are subscribers to the technical analysis approach to making money in the investment markets. For those folks, we’d like to introduce the idea of using trading software to help with analyzing stock trades and options trades, and to learn different investment strategies.

MarketClub Trading Software: Free Trial Offer

That said, we’ve come across’s MarketClub Trading Tool and have checked out its features. You can sign up for a free trial here plus receive some freebies too!

You can check out the 30 day free trial by visiting this link. By signing up, you’ll also receive:

  • Free bonus gift #1: “17 Money Making Candlestick Formations” which will be emailed to you. It contains some of’s popular chart setups.
  • Free bonus gift #2: “Keep It Simple” is a booklet that explains’s approach to investing and market trading.

The gifts are yours to keep even if you cancel.

Now if you do decide to try out this market trading software, you’ll get access to the following features and “tools for the trader”:

  • Alerts — This feature will send you notifications that will help you know when to make your moves.
  • Trade Triangle Technology — MarketClub has proprietary signals that reflect the state of the markets.
  • Talking Chart Technology — This is a neat feature that offers vocalization of investment commentary and analysis when you check out the charts.
  • Smart Scan — This helps you to quickly find winning trends in any market.
  • Premium Charts — Get technical with superior charting tools.
  • Data Central — This gives you unlimited downloads of over 230,000 symbols.
  • Portfolio Analysis — Know where your portfolio stands every day.
  • Trade School — Sit in on online seminars from the world’s top trading experts.
  • Diversified Research — Get access to learning materials covering stocks, futures, metals, forex, ETFs and more.

Aside from MarketClub, which is’s premium service, INO also has a collection of free stock charting tools you can sign up for. Here’s a list of free services from

Trend Analysis Tool — a free notification service that sends you email messages about stock symbols you want to track. Get more information through this link.

INO Free TV — check out free investment videos from by visiting this link.

You can also get access to other resources from such as free investment news, charts, quotes and their Trader’s Blog to help you beef up your trading knowledge.

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Crude Oil Trader October 4, 2010 at 11:28 pm

MarketClub tools are great!

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