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by Silicon Valley Blogger on 2010-03-180

So you’ve opened an online stock broker account. What’s next? You can beef up your investment know-how with

Looking for insights on stocks, mutual funds, college saving plans, variable annuities and exchange-traded funds? Morningstar, Inc. will provide you with the information that you need to become financially informed and successful. has been doing a great job over the years with its business centers operating in 20 countries. Aside from providing news and analysis on investments, they also offer consultation services on investment matters and retirement planning, as well as a whole lot of investment tools and resources.

How exactly can you get the information you need? Morningstar, Inc. has a line of products and services to help you with that, and all you need to do is become a subscriber. Among its offerings, you’ll find investment software (check out their stock screener) and print-based products that are both comprehensive and reader-friendly. You’ll find it easy to track and research stocks (e.g. check out live quotes) and to build an investment portfolio with the help of information you get as a subscriber.

If you want to find out if Morningstar is for you, you can try its host of free services and products, and check out some of what they have available to members.

Free Mutual Fund News, Investment Research From

1. Try a free membership!

You can opt to register for free and get access to the following tools and information:

  • Fund financial data on more than 13,000 funds
  • Stock financial data on more than 7,000 stocks
  • Stock and fund screeners
  • Articles and commentary on the investment markets
  • Portfolio manager
  • Morningstar investment classroom
  • Morningstar investing classroom rewards
Here’s where to sign up for a free membership.

2. Try a 14 day free trial of the premium service.

You can sign up for a premium membership, navigate the entire site without restraint, download the reports available and understand the state of the market for free, for two weeks. All you have to do is register for a Morningstar premium account to enjoy a 14 day free trial. Once you’ve registered, you can download analyst reports, create and manage your own portfolio, undergo portfolio analysis, and select the best investments.

Here’s where to sign up for a 14 day free trial of the premium service.

3. Download 3 free Morningstar Fund Family Reports.

Want to beef up your understanding of the market, its fluctuations and its effect on your investments? Morningstar’s top analysts John Coumarianos, Christopher Davis, and Dan Culloton cover some of the more popular mutual fund families around and discuss the latest developments in the stock market. You can take a look at the Morningstar Fund Family Reports that are made available every month. You can choose to subscribe to these reports at a rate of $34.95 per quarter. But before you make any decisions, you can check some issues out without risk.

Here’s how to download 3 free fund family reports (check out the American Funds Issue, Fidelity Funds Issue, and the Vanguard Funds Issue).

4. Check out a free issue of the Morningstar DividendInvestor Newsletter.

If you’d like to take traditional equity income investing to the next level, then the Morningstar DividenInvestor may be a good addition to your arsenal of investment information. You’ll get helpful recommendations here for growth and income stocks that can give you returns of 4% to 7% from equity investing. The DividendInvestor portfolio focuses on well-positioned companies that have a record for consistently raising dividends and have great growth prospects.

You can download a free issue of the Morningstar DividendInvestor by visiting this link for more information.

5. Download the Morningstar OptionInvestor Guide.

Interested in equity option investing? Morningstar is offering a free guide that covers option investing strategies. The newsletters will help you understand how best to navigate the market and formulate effective options trading strategies.

Here’s where to download your free guide on equity option investing.

6. Try a two week trial of the Morningstar Opportunistic Investor.

If you can afford to be a bit more aggressive, you may be interested in a subscription to the Morningstar Opportunistic Investor web site and commentary. This product takes a look at investment opportunities in “no-moat” stocks and cyclicals, and checks out arbitrage opportunities, bankruptcy situations, spin-offs and other special situations. But before you sign up at a rate of $18.95 per month, you can try it for two weeks for free.

Get a 2 week free trial of the Morningstar Opportunistic Investor by visiting this link.

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