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One of our goals at The Digerati Life is to bring you comprehensive reviews of financial tools, products, services and applications that are available today. Because we are a general financial site, our reviews are far-reaching, and reference a large variety of products that fall under different personal finance topics.

Here, you’ll find reviews of banks, credit cards, investment brokerage firms, budgeting software, lenders and loan providers and much more. We also work to locate deals and special offers, primarily in the financial and business spheres (although at times, we may also mention savings that can be had from other areas). We aim to expose helpful resources and point out the best in free checking, credit card rewards programs, peer to peer loans, black Friday deals and a whole lot more.

We want to be a site that goes beyond presenting you great tips in the world of personal and consumer finance. We also want to give you concrete resources to help you avoid expensive interest, improve your debt status, avoid identity theft. We point out tools to help you read and manage your credit report and keep your spending in line. We’re also excited about bringing to your attention many products that are at the forefront of financial innovation — such products exist to help us save time as well as money, even as we work to keep our finances in order.

So, feel free to browse around and take with you the impressions given by our reviewers. And we’d love to hear about what you think about the products we’ve researched, analyzed and studied. We appreciate any experiences, praise, criticisms, and opinions of these products that you are willing to share.

You’ll find our personal finance product profiles and reviews, as well as the latest deals and promotions for these products, in this category.

Citi ThankYou Preferred Rewards Card Review: $150 In Gift Cards Jul 2012 3

What’s on your wish list for a new credit card? If your requirements include good introductory rates, a rewards program, and lots of bonus points, then take a look at the Citi ThankYou Preferred Rewards Card, a great addition to our list of Citibank credit cards. A Citi Card With Gift Card Rewards & More […]

How To Monitor Your Credit For Free May 2012 6

The only person I know who isn’t interested in their credit is someone who doesn’t want to buy a house or car, doesn’t have any credit cards, and has no worries about identity theft. However, if you’re well over the age of eighteen and use a credit card, then you may have a fairly sizable […]

Chase Card Reviews of Freedom, Slate & Sapphire Apr 2012 38

What do you expect from your credit card? Whether you’re after rewards or just the convenience of using a card with great credit management features, Chase has come up with specific cards that fit the bill. The following card trifecta represents some of the most recognizable brands from Chase that provide attractive benefits. Chase Freedom […]

Mango Money MasterCard Prepaid Card Review Apr 2012 18

This prepaid debit card is one option for people who have no or limited credit. For some of us, dealing with a checking account and its hidden fees can be a hassle. But rather than deal with overdraft fees and waiting for checks to clear, you might want to consider using a debit card to […]

Chase Sapphire Review: Rewards From Sapphire, Preferred Cards Apr 2012 16

When you have a credit card, it should do more than just let you pay for purchases. This is especially true if you’re the sort of credit card holder who pays off your balance each month or if you carry a low balance. If you’re interested in a rewards card, you may want to take […]

ETrade Online Brokerage Account: Top Broker Review Mar 2012 23

The first online stock broker I came to know happens to be ETrade, and this was way back in the 1990’s. So I’m a bit more familiar with this company than I am with other brokers, only because ETrade has been around longer and is certainly considered as one of the most recognizable. However, being […]

Zecco Review For Online & Forex Traders Mar 2012 17

While I’ve made it a mission to orient myself with great online brokers around the web, I’ve come to know quite a few of them well enough to favor some over others. As far as Zecco is concerned, I look upon this company as a popular entity in the online broker world: they’re well-known and […]

Lower Your Car Insurance Rates & Cut Insurance Premiums In Half Mar 2012 53

How can we cut our auto insurance premiums in half? Here are a few tips to lower your car insurance rates. Even if you already have insurance coverage, it’s still always a good idea to review your car insurance needs and compare rates from time to time, as even a cursory check of quotes from […]

CitiBank Promotion: Earn Cash Back, Gift Cards & More Mar 2012 9

CitiBank is an international banking giant that provides financial retail products that range from bank accounts to credit cards, loans and investments. We keep track of Citibank promotions here, and the latest ones we have may be short-lived, so you’ll want to act fast if you’d like to consider a Citibank product plus get additional […]