Banking & Savings: How Is Your Money Treating You?

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There’s no doubt that the cornerstone of your finances lies in how well we bank and save our money. That’s why we’ve created this category that’s dedicated to the banking industry. Here’s where we explore topics that relate to smart banking and money saving tips. You’ll be able to find plenty of great cost savings tips and useful information that may help you get the most out of your banking relationships. We entrust our money to banks and credit unions, so wouldn’t it make sense to know how these institutions work and to understand what it is they can do for us?

If you are looking for a place where you can find comparisons between online savings accounts versus traditional brick and mortar bank savings accounts, or if you need to find out how to start a 529 college IRS for your child, or how to balance your checkbook, then you’ve come to the right place. Join the discussion with the rest of our community!

Bank Accounts For People With Bad Credit Aug 2012 2

There have been several people I know who have wanted the convenience of checking, but couldn’t open a new account due to bad credit. The past recession has left many to deal with damaged credit everywhere you look. But all may not be lost even if you happen to be in this boat. You can […]

Why Internet Banking Customer Satisfaction Matters Jul 2012 9

The financial crisis and the years succeeding it have been pretty tough for the banking industry. And as a consequence of the crisis, it’s not uncommon to hear people slandering their local banks, and to notice how consumers are switching away from traditional banks and into other institutions, like their local credit unions. A lot […]

Saving Money: Frequently Asked Questions Jun 2012 5

Here’s a primer for saving money: all you need to know about why, how and where to save your hard earned dollars. We’d like to give you a closer look at saving money. Here’s where we try to answer all your questions about the cash you want to keep safe. For many people, it sure […]

EverBank Review: Online Bank For High Yield Investment Accounts Mar 2012 21

EverBank has some great savings products. Check out their unique offerings in the savings account space. If you’re on the lookout for innovative bank products (like I am) then you may want to turn your attention to EverBank. I’ve been keeping up with them because they are one of the few resources I’ve found that […]

Perkstreet Financial PowerPerks & Promos: 5% Cash Back Categories Dec 2011 10

PerkStreet Financial is a site that offers an online checking account along with a debit card called the Perkstreet Platinum Debit Rewards MasterCard that kicks off rewards; in particular, their card gives you cash back when you use it. The checking account is FDIC insured while the card goes the extra mile by helping you […]

What To Do If Your Big Bank Gets A Buyout Proposal Oct 2011 21

As bank customers, most of us would like to know what to do if our bank gets acquired or fails. What can we expect if our bank gets bought out? Some years ago, Washington Mutual was known for online banking products such as a savings account that offered a high yield for linking with a […]

Ally Bank Interest Checking & Raise Your Rate CDs Aug 2011 2

A look at the Ally Bank Interest Checking account and the Raise Your Rate CDs. There are a lot of banking products to keep track of lately. Some of those we monitor are from Ally Bank, which is actually known for online consumer bank products that are made easily accessible by their minimal fees and […]

Bank Account Cash Bonuses & Offers Aug 2011 2

If you’re after bank accounts that offer cash bonuses, perhaps our list will help. On occasion, the bank products we feature here come up with sweet deals for prospective customers. These companies regularly revive their seasonal promotional programs as a way to lure customers to their side with enticing offers, either through discounts or in […]

FNBO Direct Review: Kiplinger’s Best Savings Account Jul 2011 10

What’s the best online savings account according to Kiplinger’s? We talk about one of the most reliable online banks and its flagship product. With online savings account rates at their lowest levels for some time now (along with all other rates) — in response to Fed rate cuts and the government’s strong resolve to turn […]