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Frugality & Budgeting: Squeeze That Last Dollar

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We all want to save money. It’s always wise to keep watch of our dollars, seeing how the economic tides seem to shift on a whim. For many folks, every dollar needs to stretch as far as it will go. But how do you do it? Do you clip coupons? Should you work on a detailed budget where you watch each expense with an eagle eye, or perhaps chase credit cards that sport lower rates? How about trading in your gas guzzler for a more modest vehicle? The answer is — there’s no one right solution for everyone. In fact, it may take a combination of such approaches plus a change in our lifestyle or habits to get us completely in the black. But we’re here to provide you tips, ideas and even support as you work on your savings plans.

Our articles cover a lot of ground, from stories that dish out concrete savings tips to those which analyze the psychology of saving and behavioral finance. For instance, we help you determine if you’re spending too much. We write about how to save money at the grocery store and how to spend less on great gifts, auto repairs and your monthly cable bill. We share with you frugal stories and budgeting tips to help you make the most of each dollar you earn. Why not join our frugal community today?

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