Being Frugal Around The Clock By Saving All Week Long

by Silicon Valley Blogger on 2012-01-153

I’ve seen the term “everyday” savings used quite a bit. These are the types of savings you make on ordinary “everyday” things such as your groceries, daily living expenses and such. Now many people may find saving money as overwhelming but in reality, it’s a habit you can develop gradually so that it comes more naturally to you. You can work it into your lifestyle if you do a little bit at a time without expecting to tackle everything at once. This is why it would probably be most effective if you plan how to save even just a little everyday.

This idea came to mind when I was preparing a list of frugal articles to showcase this week. I then came up with a calendar that is packed full of ideas to help trim the fat out of your budget and your tightly buckled waist. Why not try to implement or read about a few frugal ideas per day? By going through this exercise, you can get used to living with less!

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Sunday: Let’s Start Taking Some Action

If you’re going to get rid of your credit card, why not go all out? This is a great way to vent your long-standing emotions against your debt as well as take the first step with resolving your credit problems! Funny ideas for pulverizing your plastic can be found in the article Fun Ways To Destroy Your Old Credit Card.

What about reminding ourselves why we curb our spending and make those financial sacrifices? Let’s keep our eyes on our savings goals and make use of the frugal advice we’ve learned from bloggers everywhere.

When I had my first child, I diligently prepared for his arrival and researched, recorded, purchased and stored everything I could from an online checklist that told me what to get for the baby. It turned out that many of those items had an expectedly short “useful” life or else, we ended up not able to use them at all. This is because during the child’s infancy, you are typically stressed, unable to think straight while time flies quickly, causing your kid to outgrow most of the stuff you’ve collected. Do you know how much it costs to raise a child?

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There are many simple things we can do to save some bucks while keeping the health of Mother Earth in mind. Who knew that a series of right turns when driving would make such a difference? Check out Right Turns And Other Simple Tips To Save Money And The Environment.

There’s stuff that surrounds you that you probably no longer need but hang on to for various reasons. This lengthy exposition called Low Crap Threshold will take you through the ins-and-outs of dealing with your clutter. Get inspired to simplify when you read this piece.

Here’s an incredibly detailed description about throwing a birthday party, all for just $51.50! Wowza! Take a look at the budget breakdown in Throwing A Party For A Princess (On A Budget). And to continue this thread, you can find more tips on how to host an affordable kid’s birthday party here.


Monday: It’s All About The Food

If you’re one of those people who enjoys going out, then these reminders are for you. If you’re bent on saving money, there are places to go for free and restaurants to visit with discounted certificates. A serious frugalist wouldn’t be caught without a strategy. Read up on the Restaurant Lifestyle.

There are many ways to get an education, but here’s a discussion on how to feed your brain through more affordable avenues.

Do you know what the markups are for meals you consume when you’re dining out? For the ambiance, the service and all that, you’re paying a bit more for the same piece of pie you could have prepared for yourself. Eating out should be a special event and not a routine, unless you’re loaded or work as a food critic. Why not Save Money By Eating At Home?

Now that you’re going to spend more time eating at home, allow this article to expound on the subject further. Take a step further with these really good suggestions on how to make your meals yourself: Where Take-Out and Frozen Food Meet Home-Cooked Meals.


Tuesday: Save Money In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Gee, homemade detergent is something I haven’t come across yet. Vinegar as a rinse aid? When we ran out of mirror cleaner the other day, we used vinegar to wipe our mirrors. They turned out pristine, but left a scent, which is my beef about cleaning with vinegar. It must just be that my olfactory nerves are really way too sensitive, or my formula wasn’t diluted enough! To do it right, try out the Homemade Dishwasher Detergent.

Just like with phone bills, you can save more by finding out costs you can shave off your monthly cable bill. Find out more about how to handle the alternatives to accessing your entertainment in this writeup: Free Television & Cheaper Internet Access.

This article discusses step-by-step instructions for maintaining your lawn. This is especially for those of you who haven’t as yet paved your yard with asphalt to save on long term maintenance costs, who want to get some exercise and save money simultaneously, and who aren’t Californians who’ve outsourced the job: Frugal lawncare – Part II Overseeding.

Do you worry about being able to afford furniture for your home? Is shopping for furniture low in your priority list? Well here’s someone who’s gone shopping to replace the eclectic collection he has. Find out how it turned out for him and what he learned in the process in this article: Buying New Bedroom Furniture: Shop Around and Negotiate.

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Wednesday: Get Ready To Travel Cheaply

For you travelers out there, here are some ideas on lowering the cost of airfare tickets: Ways To Save Money On Flights.

Imagine going to New York, having a grand time with the family, and blowing some money on toys. Would you feel just a tad bit guilty? If you do, you may want to try out these ideas for saving money on local travel on your next break.

Car owners would probably appreciate a few savings ideas. So take it from a chemical engineer who knows all about the characteristics of the oil your car runs on. See this article on Car Cost Savings Tips.

If you’re relocating to a new country to work, you can expect to experience quite an adjustment. But one blogger has some wonderful thoughts to share as part of his experience as a former expat. You can actually build wealth (as he says), even as a foreign worker. Check out Expat Frugality.

It doesn’t hurt to ask for a corporate discount, so why not try it? More details can be found in Always Ask For A Discount.

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Thursday: What To Do With The Money You Save

If you’re looking around for cash to jumpstart your emergency fund, then the following article should be a big help. In fact, scrounging under your couch for change isn’t too far-fetched an idea to pursue: try these simple ways to save yourself a thousand bucks.

Let’s say you’re a frugal person to start with and you’ve finally become rich. Will you change your ways? I wonder just how many folks would throw their thrifty practices out the window. Still, there are always those people who’ll remain frugal, no matter what.

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Friday: Brush Up On Your Own Frugal Skills

One clever way to put a stop on unnecessary spending is to think about trying to extend the life of ordinary items you own. See if you can squeeze out just a little bit more use out of the things you have.

Have you ever been disappointed because your local discount grocery store closed its doors? Check out this article about how a store reopened with a new strategy: Discount Grocery, Reloaded.

There are certain things that keep people from moving ahead; there are certain reasons for some people’s inability to make progress towards wealth or improvement in financial standing. Find out more about those Bad Behaviors That Will Make & Keep You Poor.


Saturday: Financial Tips Your Grandmother Never Taught You

Here’s a very interesting story that shows how using coupons can actually backfire on you! Perhaps by taking the bulk buying and coupon use too seriously, you can end up actually spending more if you’re not careful. This is an excellent warning to all shoppers out there with good intentions: Coupon Shopping Update III.

So you think you know how to comparison shop? Some people actually harbor some misconceptions about saving. Here’s an article that does an awesome job clearing some of them up for you:
How To Save Money Everyday – A Different Perspective.

I found this story of a guy who decided to get serious about paying off his debt by banishing himself to living in his truck (thereby saving on rent). I commend anyone who can make such sacrifices, but I’d like for you to be wary of possible risks of going down this route. Check out the story: When Fame Doesn’t Equal Fortune: Remember to Buy Insurance.

That’s our week’s worth of frugality. Hopefully there’s something here that can help you become a more inspired saver!

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Trev January 17, 2012 at 10:48 pm

Another good way to save money everyday is put all your change in a can or jar and keep doing that for a couple months. It will amaze you how much you have saved!

Banker, Saver January 18, 2012 at 12:28 am

Presumably, you’d take the “can” to your bank to feed your savings account?

Mac Hildebrand January 19, 2012 at 8:02 pm

I had a good laugh at myself at the section explaining the money we waste on food. Sometimes it’s the nearest source of comfort and I will throw away saving habits and the grocery provisions I’ve supplied at home just to take it easy at a restaurant and escape the saving mentality for an hour. This article reinforced that a better feeling of satisfaction comes with not tolerating the useless clutter that we’re tempted to buy. I’ve found that if I’m in any kind of doubt when I’m standing in the checkout line, it’s better to say no.

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