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Everything in moderation. It’s one of the philosophies we hang onto here, and it’s especially relevant to how we use, administer and manage our financial resources. We echo our sentiments in many of our articles on personal expense management and frugal spending and discuss the best strategies for minimizing the outflow of our hard-earned money.

Given all the demands and uses we have for our limited resources, we sure want to conserve what we can while trying to get the best value out there — or the most bang for our buck, if you will. Our main focus for this part of our site is to provide you a collection of great ideas on how to best control and manage your spending and how to be a smart consumer. We do our bit to give you a heads up on great deals and available discounts, and bring to your attention those helpful tools, platforms and services that can help you save you money, even while you shop. We’d like this to be a haven for smart shoppers and careful spenders, where we can exchange daily money management tips and thoughts on everyday savings trends and recommendations.

The flipside of being a good saver is being a smart shopper!

How To Eat Healthy & Inexpensively Nov 2012 22

Everyone wants to eat healthy these days. Your health is priceless! Many claim, however, that it’s impossible to eat healthy on a limited food budget. But I would beg to differ; cheap meal ideas abound, and there are lots of ways to prepare your food inexpensively. You also don’t always need a stack of grocery […]

How To Escape An Upside Down Car Loan Oct 2012 16

Do you really know how much it costs to own your car? Is your car loan upside down or underwater? Here are some thoughts on the subject. I often wonder what it’s like to drive those fancy new cars. You know, the ones with the flashy paint and the equally flashy price tag. But, I […]

Wedding Invitation Etiquette: Should Kids Be Invited To Weddings? Oct 2012 72

I’ve been thinking about children at weddings. Some couples are completely against having children at their wedding, and some couples welcome the little tykes: to which camp do you belong? How would you plan a wedding? And how do you handle it come invitation time? I can only imagine that choosing not to have children […]

How To Buy A Car Online Aug 2012 20

Time to buy a new car? Some fast tips before you get going. A long while back, some of us at work were snickering about a coworker buying a car on eBay. “Can you imagine,” we laughed among ourselves. “Why would anyone do that?” We couldn’t even comprehend the idea. But times change and when […]

No Costco Membership? Shopping At Costco Still Saves Money Jul 2012 32

If you’re a Costco member, you can take advantage of the bulk buying, especially for certain products. But for those of you who aren’t members of Costco, you can still benefit from some deals offered by this warehouse club. Here are some great tips for shopping at Costco even if you’re not a member!

25 Tips For Safe Shopping Online Or At Brick And Mortar Stores May 2012 15

All of us know someone who is crazy about shopping. If you are an avid shopper, take heed: before you embark on your shopping sprees, take note that the thieves and ne’er do wells may be out and about to prey on the unsuspecting. It’s quite obvious why this would happen — crowds attract opportunists […]

Strange Mother’s Day Gifts: What’s Your Special Gift For Mom? May 2012 14

How much are you willing to pay for sentiment? What do you do for Mother’s Day? As the day approaches, I receive junk mail (for flowers, jewelry, figurines(?)) and see the commercials, which strongly encourage me to do my share of giving and gifting for yet another celebratory opportunity that involves nice, sweet and sometimes […]

Is Buying In Bulk Always The Cheapest Option? May 2012 10

Are you frugal? If so, you’re probably conditioned to visit a shopping warehouse like Costco or Sam’s Club in order to try to save on groceries. But before you go on a money saving trip to these stores, check out some of the exceptions to the rule that supports buying in bulk. Apparently, bulk buying […]

The Fanciest and Most Valuable Easter Eggs in the World Apr 2012 15

When we celebrate the end of Lent, we attend Mass and have a nice family dinner. Or we may decide to hold an Easter Egg hunt at our home or at a party somewhere for the kids. But all around the Christian world, Easter is a holiday that has fascinated artists who have been inspired […]

Will You Buy An iPad? Apr 2010 33