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There are many ways to make money and numerous opportunities to build income streams. Let’s talk about some great ways to make a buck. For instance, have you ever wanted to start your own business? Or maybe work from home on the side? Perhaps you’d like to find some financial security by creating multiple sources of income. Well, we did as well, and that’s why we’ve been writing about such ideas for quite some time now. In fact, this website is a testament to such ideas. One of the goals of The Digerati Life was to become a self-sustaining online business.

Here, we cover income opportunities and business ideas that come across as viable. We also share our stories on how we’ve developed streams of income that have worked for us, as well as those that haven’t. Some interesting topics include how to start and maintain a successful blog, and how to avoid common pitfalls of starting your own business. Find out more about multiple money making ideas, ranging from how to sell t-shirts online or how to make it as a freelancer to wealth building tips, and much more. Other topics cover the challenges of sole proprietorships and the exercise of trying to make money by doing surveys at home. You can certainly create a revenue stream (or two) from your home, but you’ll want to know how to get started.

Whether you seek a second income or a seventh, we hope that we can provide you fresh ideas through our articles. Take a moment to browse our site and if you have experiences that we haven’t covered yet, please feel free to leave your thoughts!

How A Second Income Stream Can Give You Some Financial Security Jun 2012 21

Create multiple income streams to diversify your cash flow. It’s a great way to supplement and cushion your job income or to earn a living as an entrepreneur. This guest post is written by Kevin of Financial security is something that most of us pursue, but many are failing to find these days. While […]

The Business of Blogging & Bootstrapping An Online Venture Dec 2011 38

As you already know, I’m in the business of developing online content, also known as content publishing (and specifically, blogging). I’d like to cover a little ground on this topic today, sort of like a checkpoint for myself, at the end of the year. While I have many goals, one thing I particularly care about […]

Effective Ways To Monetize Your Blog Sep 2011 30

Before you start shopping around for a trusty web host for your brand new site, evaluate these opportunities to see if blogging is worthwhile to pursue. Are you doing it for money or for fun? If you’re doing it to see if you can turn in a few bucks while you do something enjoyable, then […]

Location Independent Lifestyle & The Pros and Cons of Blogging Jul 2011 11

Once in a while, we have to go on break in order to recharge. When you work for someone else, you’re usually given 2 weeks a year to spend as you wish. Your vacation time is scheduled and also limited. It’s a totally different story when you work for yourself, and yet another story if […]

Is There An Easy Way To Earn Six Figures Online? Jun 2011 26

I’m really being facetious here by posing the question and bringing up the possibility of earning a six figure income online. Is it possible to do? Well YES and NO. As far as I know, it is entirely possible to make a living off the web and replace your job income on a consistent basis. […]

Survival Tips For A Sole Proprietor In A Competitive World Mar 2011 14

Any kind of crisis breeds opportunity and changes behavior. And when the financial world did its crazy jig in late 2008, it caused a lot of us to stop and evaluate our financial behaviors and consumer habits. You can probably get a lot of interesting examples along these lines in any type of financial, business […]

Best Home Based Business Ideas: How To Make A Little More Sep 2010 25

Working from home can be a great way to generate some extra cash, and the truth is, everyone and their brother wants to try it out. Imagine a way to pay for your childcare expenses so you can have a little bit of time to keep up with the housework and other assorted stuff. Or […]

Make Your Online Cashback Earnings Go Farther Aug 2010 6

Don’t you just love cash back sites? I rarely buy anything online now without first going through one of these sites to find out what kind of online deals are available. With more and more of these sites around, we no longer have an excuse not to earn some money on our next online purchase. […]

Make Your Own T-Shirts, Sell Shirts Through Cafepress Jun 2010 13

I’ve mentioned in the past that there are a whole lot of ways to make money online or to earn a part time income. In previous articles, I’ve covered some ground on how to start an online business or how to make money blogging. There are certainly a lot of things you can do online […]