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Our site, The Digerati Life, began its life as something of a homage to Silicon Valley (and the West Coast), our home town. Over time though, we moved on to tackling more general topics about finance, commerce and consumerism. But we have dedicated this section of the site to honor our roots and talk about financial family matters.

Here, we dissect some of our lifestyle issues in high cost of living areas. We talk about where all the high paying jobs have gone, where to find space saving furniture for small living spaces, homeschooling, cooking with flair, computer spyware, how to go to Disneyland without breaking the bank, and so much more. We gripe about expensive real estate, worry about wildfires and glorify the temperate weather we have. This category has a more personal flavor, where we seek tips for living well in our neck of the woods.

Silicon Valley and its surrounding areas are places where businesses are incubated at a faster rate than anywhere else. But those of us here share the same concerns as everyone else. For instance, a lot of us are serious frugalists, while others search for a way out of the rat race and imagine what it’s like to live life completely off the grid. How about going back to school to get that advanced degree? These topics and more, including family life in other wonderful areas and neighborhoods are highlighted in this special section.

The Digerati Life is based in Silicon Valley, so we bring to you some stories that are local to the region. You’ll find family finance topics here as well.

My Ideal Work Life: Striking A Balance Between Family & Work Apr 2012 23

A lot of us share the dream of being able to change our lifestyle (for the better) while still being able to afford all the things we’ve become accustomed to. If given a chance, a lot of people would prefer to get off the rat race and retire from corporate life. This is one of […]

Life In A Dot Com & Working In A Tech Startup (Videos) Jan 2012 17

I occasionally write about my background in Silicon Valley because my experiences here have played a huge part on my finances, primarily on the job, career and investment front. Living in Silicon Valley has provided me with the unique experience of being exposed to the world of startups. I can tell you that the dynamic […]

Visiting Yosemite Park: Walking In A Winter Wonderland On A Budget Dec 2011 15

We’re not very sophisticated or worldly travelers, especially when we’ve got young kids to handle. Unlike many of our own friends who’ve managed to travel heavily even with babies in tow, we’re simple homebodies, content to hang out at home and savor our well oiled routines. But once in a while, we’ll get restless enough […]

What Dr. Seuss Can Teach Us About Money, Finance & Business Dec 2011 7

Besides my secret life as a rhyming poet, Dr. Seuss has taught me a few things about personal finance and business. These friendly books appeal to children of all ages and most have an important message behind the humorous rhymes. They can be a great way to learn about counting, finance and achieving success in […]

Your Money Values: How Do You Value Your Money vs Time? May 2011 12

What will you do for money? How far will you go? Now that I have progressed to the point where I am saving in just about every area of my financial life, from time to time, I hit certain “crossroads” where I am not sure if I am crossing the line into areas that are […]

Plan To Get An MBA Degree: Focus on Silicon Valley Apr 2011 2

Today, we welcome a guest post by a fellow Silicon Valley resident, Gal Josefsberg who’d like to share with us his thoughts on getting an MBA. This is a short and quick guide that we hope will help you determine whether it’s a goal you’d like to pursue. Sooner or later in the course of […]

Why The Rich Get Richer: An Entirely Different Perspective Mar 2011 33

Money begets money, but let’s not have the little green-eyed monster eat us. It’s an age old question: how do the rich get richer? Here are some reasons (beyond the rather predictable power of compounding) that may explain this economic phenomenon: A Few Basic Reasons For Why The Rich Get Richer The rich have started […]

Simple Thank You Gifts For A Host Feb 2011 7

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hosting Mr Credit Card from I found out that he was not only a fanatic about credit cards but that he was also interesting and knowledgeable in so many other areas (especially on the topic of advanced investing). Since I put him up for a […]

Kit Kat Bars From Japan Come In Multiple Flavors Feb 2011 6

Do you cheat on your budget? Once in a while, you feel like treating yourself to something that breaks your “frugal” code or stance. I think that it’s not a big deal if you do, just as long as it does not become a habit. It’s the same way as giving yourself an occasional treat […]

An Immigration Story Jul 2008 21