A Money Blogger’s 5 Deep Dark Secrets

by Silicon Valley Blogger on 2006-12-074

I thought I’d share a few things about myself, as the proprietor of this site!

  1. I’m a mom of two. On the net, people make the assumption that I’m: (1) geeky, (2) young, and (3) a guy. Maybe it’s because I work around a lot of geeky young men and they may rub off on me a little bit. If you thought that, then you got 1 out of 3 right!
  2. I’ve been a software engineer for over 15 years and have actually met Larry Ellison in person, but one of my dreams is to one day be a CFP. Except I’m a little nervous about handling other people’s money only because I’d hate to give anyone a coronary if things don’t go as expected (markets are volatile so that would be often). Gabbing about money here sure is a consolation!
  3. I have a digerati spouse who is a serial entrepreneur and I’ve been trying to keep up. I have a couple of acquaintances who were regular field engineers 10-15 years ago, who managed to become founders at successive high tech companies and who have met with tremendous success. Since life took a turn, I have been unable to see them in ages.
  4. I used to be really frugal but changed my attitude significantly after I had kids. Feathering the nest takes a lot of resources and all the money I had saved for over 10 years is now fighting to stay in its coffers. This has been one of my biggest challenges of late.
  5. I never thought I would ever blog. I’m not really a writer but decided to try it out for market research purposes. I was (and still am) interested in developing business ideas that would address the needs of the blogosphere. This whole blogging thing began to fascinate me and now I’m stuck.

Okay so now that you know a little about me, maybe you’ll check out the rest of my site? 🙂

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personal finance advice December 7, 2006 at 12:03 pm

Thanks for the info! If I revealed anything else about myself, they would most likely commit or arrest me 😉 .

Matt Neputin March 12, 2012 at 4:33 am

It is inspiring that a mother like you finds time to blog.

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