CitiBank Promotion: Earn Cash Back, Gift Cards & More

by Silicon Valley Blogger on 2012-03-089

CitiBank is an international banking giant that provides financial retail products that range from bank accounts to credit cards, loans and investments. We keep track of Citibank promotions here, and the latest ones we have may be short-lived, so you’ll want to act fast if you’d like to consider a Citibank product plus get additional perks when you’re approved for an account. Most offers by Citi are reserved for new customers.

As a major card issuer, Citibank offers credit cards and banking products that allow you to earn reward points that you can later redeem for merchandise and other items through the Citi ThankYou Points network. Many of the promotions they have at this time involve garnering points through this rewards program.

Latest Active CitiBank Promotions To Let You Earn Cash Or Extra Points

We update this space for the latest and greatest promos from Citibank. Watch this page for ongoing developments and changes to Citibank’s list of products!

#1 Citibank Checking Accounts: Receive Up To $400 In Gift Cards, Limited Time Offer
This offer is valid until April 30, 2012. Here are the benefits you’ll get for opening a checking account with Citibank using this special offer.

Citibank Checking Package ThankYou Points Earned Gift Card Equivalent
Basic Banking Package (Simple Checking) 6,000 ThankYou Points $50 In Gift Cards
Citibank Account Package 20,000 ThankYou Points $200 In Gift Cards
Citigold Account Package 40,000 ThankYou Points $400 In Gift Cards

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to be eligible for the bonuses:

  1. Open a checking account by April 30, 2012.
  2. Enroll your account in the Citi ThankYou Rewards Program within 45 days of opening your account.
  3. Make one direct deposit as well as one bill payment for two months.
Check out the Gift Card Offer on Citigold and Citibank Account Packages.
Citigold Account & Citibank Account Promotions

There’s another short term offer below that also covers these checking accounts, which you may prefer. I provide more details about these products below.

#2 Citibank Checking Accounts: Up To $100 Cash Bonus, Limited Time Offer

Citibank Account Promo

This offer is good until December 31, 2012. You’ll receive cash as an incentive for establishing a checking account at Citibank, and the amount will depend on the type of account you open. There are two checking accounts to choose from which have this offer. Note that both checking accounts come with a debit card that has no monthly fee, which will allow you free access to over 30,000 ATMs globally. Electronic bill pay and mobile banking are free as well. Here are a few more details:

Citigold Interest Checking Account

  • This account is considered Citibank’s premier checking account product and will typically benefit higher worth individuals.
  • Get a one time reward of $100 when you open an account.
  • Requires a minimum opening balance of $500 but you’ll need to fund your account with at least $1,000 within 45 days of account open in order to receive the cash bonus.
  • Requires one direct deposit and one online bill payment transaction made on two consecutive months within 45 days of opening the account.
  • Has a monthly service fee of $30, which is waived if you maintain a minimum average balance across eligible Citi accounts.
  • You may receive preferred rates and discounts on related Citi products. Yield is negligible.
  • Receive guidance from Citi Personal Wealth Advisors.

Citibank Account

  • Earn $50 when you open an account, but certain prerequisites apply.
  • Requires a minimum opening deposit of $100, however, just like the Citigold Account, you’ll have to fund this account with at least $1,000 within the first 45 days of ownership in order to be eligible for the $50 one time bonus.
  • Requires one electronic bill pay and direct deposit transaction for two consecutive months on the first 45 days of account ownership.
  • Has a monthly fee of $20, which is waived if you maintain a minimum combined average balance in Citibank accounts.
Check out the Cash Bonus Offer On Citigold and Citibank Account Packages.
Citigold Account & Citibank Account Promotions

#3 Citi ThankYou Preferred Rewards Card: $250 in Gift Cards, Limited Time Offer.
You can now receive 25,000 ThankYou rewards points, which is the equivalent of $250 in gift cards if you apply for a Preferred Rewards card. But to avail of this opportunity, you’ll first have to make $2,000 in purchases on your Preferred Rewards card over the first 3 months of being a cardholder. Note that this card has no annual fee and you’ll also earn 1 rewards point for each dollar you spend. Other great features? You’ll get an anniversary bonus each year that you’re a customer, plus your points are unlimited and won’t expire.

Check out the Citi ThankYou Preferred Rewards Card – $250 in gift cards.
Citi ThankYou Preferred Card Promotion

#4 Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa Card: $100 Cash Back, Limited Time Offer.
Along the lines of big rewards, this no annual fee card is a strong cash back card that also kicks up $100 in cash after you spend $500 within the initial 3 months of owning the card. It looks like a contender for top cash back card, with a generous 5% cash back benefit on popular categories which change every quarter. You’ll need to enroll with Citi in order to enjoy the 5% category-based cash back rewards. For everything else, you’ll get a 1% cash back on buy transactions and cash advances.

Check out the Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa Card ($100 Cash Back).
Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa Promotion
This is just a sampling of some credit card promotional offers that are available. You can check out more great offerings from other card issuers we follow. See our top credit card deals page. You can also visit our Citibank credit cards page for more on Citi’s offerings.

Expired Promotions From Citibank

If you’re curious about older promotions from Citibank, here’s a short list of what they had recently. As a cardmember, you may be eligible for occasional promos like these, which we’ve included here for illustrative purposes. You can participate in such campaigns when they come up. Note that these offers are no longer active.

Holiday Sweepstakes for existing card holders. If you are a cardmember, you can win between $10 to $10,000 in Citi Gift Cards (or Citi Prepaid Cards) via a weekly sweepstakes draw. There are thousands of cards that are being given away each week. You can participate by following these steps:

  • To join, you’ll need to register at a designated special page for the sweepstakes (link deactivated).
  • Any eligible purchase you make with your registered Citi credit card between November 1 and December 31, 2011 will be counted.
  • Eligible online purchases will give you 5 entries while other purchases will yield 1 entry.
  • Here’s a breakdown of the prizes: $10 Citi prepaid cards (2,000 units), $25 cards (250), $50 cards (100), $100 cards (50), $500 cards (25), $1,000 cards (3) and $10,000 card (1).

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John DeFlumeri Jr December 5, 2009 at 5:05 pm

It does make sense to offer realistic incentives for “good behavior”. It make make smart borrowers out of some of them.

John DeFlumeri Jr

BBF @ Blue BIrd Finance November 22, 2011 at 8:05 am

Hmm… so what stops people from just opening up accounts like this with a lot of different banks, taking the rewards, and then closing the account? Are there minimum requirements for time to keep the account open?

The rewards look great.

Silicon Valley Blogger November 22, 2011 at 9:35 am

You got it — those companies that offer these promotions always have some number of restrictions surrounding the offer or promotion. For bank accounts, there may or may not be a minimum deposit required, but I’ve seen conditions that state that you need to hold the balance or even the reward amount in the account for a specific number of days before you can be fully credited. With credit cards, your credit is on the line if you open an account: before you can qualify for a card, the card company screens you and checks your credit, and it’s usually pretty detrimental to your credit if you close a credit card account. Second, many cards will require you to use the card before you receive the bonus.

Yeshua November 22, 2011 at 6:43 pm

One incentive I’d like to see is a progressively lower interest rate that is awarded to customers who either pay their balance in full or who pay most (75% or more?) of their balance each month.

Silicon Valley Blogger November 23, 2011 at 9:41 am

Actually, there are a couple of cards that function along those lines. What you’ve described sounds like the Citi Forward card (and its student card version), which aims to reward cardmembers for “good behavior” or for responsible card use. In particular, this card will reduce your APR on purchases by a certain amount (%) if you consistently manage your credit use well. The reduction in APR isn’t exactly significant (there was another card along this track that Citibank has discontinued called the Citi mtvU student card that may have had better terms for students), but it’s a small incentive.

Right now, you can sign up for Citi Forward and earn 10,000 bonus points or $100 in gift cards (see our link above to get to our review and sign up page for the card, if you are interested).

Another such card is the Discover Motiva, which has a “Pay On Time” bonus of 5% of the interest you pay monthly. This boils down to getting a 5% discount off your monthly interest, just as long as you promptly pay at least the minimum.

Silicon Valley Blogger December 19, 2011 at 4:29 pm

Note another name change here — Citi Dividend Platinum Select Visa switched to Citi Dividend World Mastercard, then back again to Platinum Visa. Just wanted to give you a heads up.

Marjorie January 23, 2012 at 8:21 pm


As you can see from below, I had read up on the Citibank Platinum Select last year and signed up for the card with a balance transfer of 24 mos. As well there was a promotion of
0% interest free purchases, but I cannot remember if it was for 24 months also (there is nothing on my statements to show any of the promos which is bad because I also have Bank
of America ccs and on its statements it shows when the balance transfer or promo introductory rates start and when they end).

My cc got stolen last month and so I asked Citibank to shut down the card and send me a new one. Problem is that when the new account number was assigned, Citibank started
charging me interest on my card as of January 2012 despite the fact that I have the 24 mos promotion.

I complained to Citibank customer service. They told me they could not find my promotion! and that I needed to send them proof of the promotion that I applied for.
I went back to the 10/14/10 email below that I purposedly saved so that I could re-familiarized myself with the promo info for that time period to show them, only to find that it was recently
updated in 10/11, most probably because that is when Citibank changed its Platinum Select Mastercard over to 21 months balance transfer promo, with 12 mos new purchases at

Do you, by chance, still have the 2010 Citibank Platinum Select Mastercard promos showing what that the balance transfers were for 24 months and its 0% interest free purchases
with how long that 0% interest free purchase promo was good for (12 mos, 24mos?).

If you do, would you kindly copy and paste it, then email it to me so that I can send it over to Citibank and they can correct my account?

Thank you so much for your time and courtesy.


Silicon Valley Blogger January 24, 2012 at 8:22 pm

Hi Marjorie,

Thanks for writing me. I looked at my records and don’t recall terms for a Citibank 24 month 0% BT & Purchase card but I do know about the 21 month for BOTH BT & Purchases.

I don’t recall a 24 month deal for Citibank but remember one for Discover (in fact it’s going on right now with Discover).

I usually keep track of the history of terms for credit cards here on my site, but I am not seeing a record for the Citi 0% 24 month deal. Perhaps it was a special deal offered through some other avenues?

I will keep my eye out to see if I come across mention of this anywhere and will let you know of what I find (if I do).

Thanks again, and good luck to you!

Cenor January 31, 2012 at 7:29 am

Currently I’m using Citibank Cash Back. Once the accumulated cash back reach $50, it will be credited into my credit card’s account. Based on my monthly credit card expenses, I’m constantly received $50 in every 2 months. Definitely I will not go back to bonus or rewards type credit cards.

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