Free Stock Trading Education with Trend TV Videos

by Alexis A. on 2010-08-260

For traders looking to seek advice from professional traders, look no further than Trend TV. If you want to learn how to day trade, then read on.

In one of my previous posts, I listed one of the key points for successful trading is to find a mentor. This can be somewhat tough if you don’t have an investor in your family or know someone through your normal day to day contacts. If you find that you are in this situation, look no further. Trend TV, offered by, offers a plethora of educational videos aimed at making you a better trader.

Free Stock Trading Education with Trend TV

These videos are hosted by well respected professionals from all trading disciplines and are willing to share what they know about how to read trends and how to apply them to your trading style and strategy. There are videos about chart trending, day trading, and even a little trading strategy mixed in for good measure. I doubt that you could find a better mentor anywhere else.

You can learn about trading for free by signing up with’s Trend TV channel. Watch trading videos at no cost and learn the ropes.

Video 1: William Greenspan

For example, William Greenspan hosts a video where he shows you the ins and outs of day trading. He actually shows you the methods he uses every single day, the same methods that have netted him 155 consecutive profitable months, an astounding feat in an arena where 80%-90% of the trading population experiences a loss. His methods show you how to read trends, pick futures, protect your money and how to make a profit.

Some basics that you’ll learn: one important key to successful day trading is the stop loss order. No trade should ever be made without one. Another tip is to be conscious of your stop loss order and move it as your trade moves favorably for you, in order to protect your profit. Many traders don’t know that you can cancel an unfulfilled stop loss order and replace it without paying a commission as your trade moves farther in the money, but you can and you should. Why? To prevent your profit from becoming a loss.

Video 2: Darrell Jobman

In another video, Darrell Jobman makes sense out of complicated charts and shows you how to spot breakouts that indicate a reversal in movement as well as how to develop stock trading strategies by using next day predictive highs and lows. He shows you how to read a chart in such a way that you can predict with greater certainty where your trade will be heading tomorrow.

These are just some examples of videos you’ll find through Trend TV. What’s nice about Trend TV is that the format is that of an instructional video. This makes it easier to understand complex concepts as you have the opportunity to not only hear it, but to see it illustrated.

What’s even better is that four of these videos are offered to you completely free of charge. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about candlestick charting, day trading basics, and trending for free.

Check out these free videos and more by subscribing to Trend TV, offered by the investment education company,

Of course, these videos won’t make you a trading superstar overnight, but what they can do is arm you with enough information to begin creating smart trading strategies that will help you make money in the markets instead of losing the farm.

So, if you’re in the market for a trading mentor or you just want to see how your strategies measure up to the professionals, you may want to check out Trend TV.

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