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When many people think of investing, they think of the crowded, chaotic floor of the New York Stock Exchange. Investing conjures images of excitement and the thrill of making lots of money with one trade. However, this type of excitement only comes with certain, more aggressive types of investing like day trading, FOREX trading and the like. Aggressive trading styles require a lot of research, a lot of skill and a lot of luck, but for those who execute a well laid plan, the rewards are limitless. For investors who are interested in learning the ropes of such aggressive trading, here are a few places to take note.


Stock Market Investing 101

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  • "Stock Market Investing 101" is an investment course offered by Wall Street Survivor, the popular virtual trading site that allows you to play the market as a game.
  • This investment course teaches you how the stock market works, how to develop your own investment strategies and build your own portfolio.
  • You can participate in the stock market without risk. Practice playing the market before you actually invest!
  • Get access to 10 chapters, exercises, quizzes. Get access to a stock market simulator tool, downloadable PDF e-books and email support.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed. There's a 7 day trial. If you are not happy with the service, you can ask for a refund within that time period.

Fibonacci Swing Trader

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  • “Fibonacci Swing Trader” by Frank Paul, is a daily advisory service and video foundation course that steps you through swing trading.
  • This course includes introductory resources, daily portfolio advisory reports, supplementary resources and monthly advisory report archives.
  • This service will show you how to simply and effectively perform swing trades. It's pretty heavy on technical analysis concepts, such as Swing Point analysis, Stochastics confirmation signals, Fibonacci retracements and extensions, and so forth.
  • The service offers a solid reward/risk performance. You will only trade with the trend.
  • There are 13 modules in this course.

Forex Profits with MACD

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  • “Forex Profits with MACD” by Frank Paul, is a comprehensive course designed to teach forex trading through the use of MACD, one of technical analysis’ most powerful indicators.
  • With “Forex Profits with MACD”, you get the main trading course as well as three bonus courses including: MACD-Parabolic entry, Using Indicator Overlays, and Weekly MACD Chart of the Week.
  • This course provides traders with a practical, useable system for intermediate forex traders by pulling together all of the educational pieces into one understandable system.
  • “Forex Profits with MACD” is available in both an online and DVD format.

A Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System

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  • “A Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System” by Alan Benefield is a no-nonsense approach to trading currencies while keeping your day job.
  • Alan’s system requires new traders to learn a few simply trading strategies that can be executed in minutes a day, allowing you to get on with your life and away from your computer.
  • “A Working Man’s Forex Position Trading System” teaches you how to spot trends, understand when prices will change directions, use charts effectively and much more.
  • In addition to the course, you will receive regular example videos that illustrate how to properly implement the trading strategies taught in the course.
  • Alan’s course is available in online and DVD formats.

How to Trade Currencies Like the Big Dogs

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  • “How to Trade Currencies Like the Big Dogs” by Peter Bain is a comprehensive forex trading traning system.
  • This system teaches you to trade currencies in the same manner as large commercial traders do, looking beyond indicators and learning to read support and resistance levels.
  • This is a home study course that allows you to learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.
  • “How to Trade Currencies Like the Big Dogs” teaches you how to create useful charts, how to predict highs and lows, how to conduct top-down analysis and much more.
  • This course also teaches advanced concepts such as scalping and position trading.

The Forex Money Makers

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  • “The Forex Money Makers” by Paul Bain is a straightforward guide to making money in the forex markets.
  • “The Forex Money Makers” shows you how to make trades like the Big Dogs, or the large commercial traders, and teaches you how to take advantage of their leverage.
  • This course gives you 12 main lessons including an Intro to Basics for novice traders as well as a simple 5 step trading system that you can use to start making money immediately.
  • The courses are designed to help new traders and traders new to forex trading become experts quickly.
  • “The Forex Money Makers” is available in both online and DVD versions.

Fast Track to Forex

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  • “Fast Track to Forex” by Frank Paul is a step by step guide for beginning forex traders.
  • Conducted by Frank Paul, an experienced and successful forex trader, “Fast Track to Forex” offers useful insights and professional tips and tricks for investing profitably in forex.
  • “Fast Track to Forex” includes such topics as: contract sizing, account equity and margin, trade readiness, chart pattern basics, and much more.
  • Frank Paul also offers a tried and true forex trading system that you can use to get started trading and making money in forex immediately.
  • This self study course is designed to help traders new to forex become profitable quickly.

Top Dog Trading

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  • Top Dog Trading focuses on investors looking to become day traders, FOREX traders, and emini traders as well as traders who want to hone their skills.
  • New students will receive immediate access to a free newsletter and 5 day mini course just for completing the contact info section.
  • All learning modules are self study programs designed to give students the flexibility to learn at their own pace.
  • Top Dog Trading offers courses for every level of trader from beginners to advanced.
  • With a paid membership, you will receive 3 new educational videos each week via email.

Online Trading Academy

  • The Online Trading Academy offers traders the opportunity to learn many different disciplines of investing including stocks, FOREX, futures, options and more.
  • Online Trading Academy offers both free and paid training opportunities designed to assist investors of all levels boost profits and become a more effective trader.
  • Trading blogs offer unique perspectives and interaction with other members on a variety of trading topics.
  • Training modules offered in a variety of formats including webinars, live seminars, self study modules, CDs and more.
  • All Online Trading Academy students will receive a free newsletter packed with informative trading insights and tips.

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Investing In A Stock Trading Course

When you think of Wall Street investors, you think of aggressive, risky trading that can pay off huge for those who get lucky and lose the farm for those who don’t. The majority of traders don’t get involved in this kind of trading, but a few do. Day trading, forex trading, futures and commodities trading as well as binary options trading are just a few of the aggressive investing opportunities that investors can dabble in. While the risks are huge, the payoffs can be even greater, making these types of trading an attractive alternative to the tried and true “buy and hold” method of investing.

Novice investors are strongly urged to stay away from such aggressive and risky investment styles until they get some experience under their belts. But, after a few years of successful trades, you may feel as though you are ready to take the plunge. If this is where you are, then it’s time to find out where you can learn to trade, and make money, like the pros.

When looking for learning opportunities for the less cut and dry trading strategies there are a few things you need to look for. First, make sure that the course you choose utilizes a company that specializes in the type of investing you want to do. This ensures that you receive current, relevant and cutting edge information. For instance, if forex is your passion, take a course from someone that is recognized for excellence in forex trading. Learning from someone with a great track record in the discipline you want to learn means that there is a wealth of knowledge and experience to take advantage of.

Next, make sure that the learning environment the course is presented in is an environment you feel comfortable learning in. For instance, if you are more comfortable learning in a webinar environment, make sure that the company offers webinars. If you learn better by reading informational articles, don’t settle for a course that only offers live sessions or interactive tools. While this advice isn’t specific to aggressive trading training, it is especially important in this situation as it is imperative to absorb as much information as possible during your education.

Education and learning is a lifelong endeavor and trading is no exception. Choose a course that allows you to not only ask a ton of questions while you learn, but after the fact as well. Why is this important? Since you are attempting to learn a new trading discipline, unexpected situations are going to present themselves that will require you to defer to someone with more experience to keep from losing large sums of money. Some educational courses allow new members to interact with other subscribing members via chat while others may blog and yet others may have the capacity to allow you to call more experienced traders for advice.

Lastly, make sure that the course you choose is offered by a company with a great track record or turning out successful traders. Now, this one can be quite a bit more difficult to discern since being successful in an aggressive trading discipline depends heavily on the trader at hand and not necessarily as much on the education he or she has received. But, it pays to pay attention to any references successful traders in your discipline make to the training they have received.

The key to becoming successful in the more aggressive trading disciplines is education and experience. Experience is only earned by getting into the trenches and making trades. However, your education is something you can control. Make sure that you choose trading courses that will take your trading career to the next level.