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Generally, a stock trading system is a logical, step by step approach to buying and selling stock. But stock trading systems can offer much more than just an algorithm for buying stocks. Stock trading systems can also provide investors with virtual trading and research environments. Good stock trading systems can be immensely effective in helping novice traders learn the ropes of trading and produce greater than average profits quickly. In order to get you started in the right direction, here are some tried and true stock trading systems that you can choose from.


Wall Street Survivor

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  • Wall Street Survivor allows you to execute your trading strategies before risking your money through their virtual trading application.
  • By basing the virtual trading application into a game format, investors learn how real market conditions affect their trading strategies both in the short term and long term.
  • Membership to the Wall Street Survivor virtual trading platform is free for the duration of your membership.
  • Earn cash and other prizes simply by participating in the game and making trades.
  • New investors can take advantage of the free educational information and advice available as you play.

MarketClub Trading System

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  • MarketClub offers Data Central,an application that allows you to download years of historical data, providing you everything you need to conduct intensive research.
  • Chart Portfolio allows investors to create watch lists that can be instantly analyzed to discover emerging market trends.
  • Talking charts allow investors to get instant, professional interpretation of what they are seeing in the marketplace.
  • MarketClub’s Trading Triangle methodology for analyzing current market conditions allows for investors to receive instant email alerts when markets become favorable for trades.
  • Smart news scanning allows MarketClub to sort through financial news headlines and filter out anything that doesn’t pertain to your situation, streamlining your research.

EZ Trader

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  • EX Trader offers an easy to use, intuitive trading platform designed to help investors of all levels execute profitable binary options trades.
  • EX Trader offers free account registration and has a low initial deposit threshold ($100).
  • Real time streaming quotes make it easy to determine whether an investment is moving p or down.
  • Real time streaming news allows you to stay on top of your position and anticipate movements within the market.
  • Easy to read indicators let you know at a glance whether the markets are moving up or down and allow you the best chance of profiting in the binary options market.


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  • Covestor is the founder of Social Investing, a tactic devised to allow novice traders to trade like the pros.
  • Mirror accounts allow you to make the same trades as professional traders you choose and make trades on your behalf based on the portfolio movements of the models you choose.
  • Members can also choose to share their models with others and earn a profit.
  • Investment accounts require a $10,000 minimum balance. These funds will go directly into investing as the only fee for using Covestor is your subscription fee.
  • Novice investors can learn from the best in the business by mirroring top professional traders.


  • WeSeed offers an easy to use virtual trading platform designed to teach novice traders the ropes of investing.
  • The WeSeed platform and access to the virtual trading environment is completely free.
  • Real time market conditions are replicated in the virtual trading environment, making this one of the most powerful educational tools available.
  • Tiered training modules make sure that every member gets a comprehensive look at investing and the markets, allowing them the greatest chance at profits.
  • Each training module includes an educational unit, virtual trading experience and a follow up quiz to reinforce the lessons learned.


  • UpDown offers virtual trading and a $1,000,000 portfolio with which to learn the ropes or try out new investment strategies without the risk.
  • Fantasy investing contests motivates investors to create smart and successful trading strategies that can be used in the real markets to make real profits.
  • UpDown rewards good trades and referrals by offering cash incentives for contests and referrals.
  • UpDown creates a virtual trading environment as close to a real trading experience as possible, utilizing real time prices, order executions and even charges a virtual commission for each trade.
  • Access to the UpDown virtual trading platform is free.

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A stock trading system is a logical, step by step approach to buying and selling stock. Stock trading systems can be immensely effective in helping novice traders learn the ropes of trading and produce greater than average profits quickly. But, as with any off the shelf investment strategy, stock trading systems aren’t without issues.

Learning the ropes of stock trading is made easy by using a stock trading system. Novice traders tend to be poor money managers and overtrade simply because they lack the knowledge and skill required to negotiate profitable trades. Stock trading systems, however, are developed by individuals who have amassed a great deal of experience in trading and have found a few strategies that work. By putting these strategies into an easy to use plan, novice traders can increase their potential for profit AND save time. Stock trading systems stops you from overtrading by creating an alert system which triggers you to trade at just the right time.

But stock trading systems aren’t just for newbies. Experienced traders can benefit from using a system as well. Because the system is objective, traders learn how to become disciplined to a strategy instead of trading on emotion. Plus, it helps make you more efficient as it removes the labor of conducting intensive analysis because the system does it for you.

Speaking of analysis, stock trading systems rely heavily upon technical analysis. This means that the system will recommend stock purchases based on historical price movements as the primary theory behind technical analysis is that history tends to repeat itself. While some financial experts believe that using only technical analysis is somewhat shortsighted, others have amassed an impressive amount of wealth using only the principles of technical analysis. Some of the indicators used by many stock trading systems include:

  • Moving Averages
  • Relative Strength
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Oscillators

Most systems will incorporate two or more of these indicators into a “rule” which will trigger the system to create a “buy” or “sell” or “hold” alert, just as a good technical analyst would.

Good stock trading systems take the subjectivity out of stock trading and can help you earn a much larger profit than with the “go it alone” approach, but you must be careful in selecting the right one. Make sure that the system you choose is tested and has shown consistent results in all economic situations. Most importantly, a good stock trading system must be proven to consistently limit risk and increase profits, which is your goal. Be careful of scams while looking to purchase a trading system. Make sure to avoid systems that offer guaranteed profits and do not offer you the opportunity to use their system for free, for a limited period of time, of course. And, most importantly, spend time using the system before risking any real money.