Sales Tax Breaks For Back-To-School Shopping, American Express Rewards: The Roundup

by Silicon Valley Blogger on 2007-07-151

Awesome Articles Last Week

Money Smart Life: American Express Business Gold Rewards Card – $125 Bonus Explained – This post discusses a new promotion going on with American Express. I personally don’t chase after credit card promotions but you may be interested in checking it out.

Lazy Man And Money: Couples and Money critiques the viewpoint that couples should merge their money upon marriage. We’ve gone joint ourselves but it’s not for everybody. I say, do what you’re comfortable with!

Money, Matter and More Musings: Think About Your Finances Before Having (More) Children – brings up a hot topic. How do you approach having kids: as part of a grand plan or as a matter of fate?

The Sun’s Financial Diary: Sharebuilder To Zecco, The Surprises – Sun is trying to move his Sharebuilder funds over to Zecco and is happy with the progress so far.

Gen X Finance: Mutual Fund Distributions Explained – a guest post here by Sun, explaining the details of fund distributions and the tax implications of owning mutual funds.

Binary Dollar: Geezeo – Yet Another Social Finance Web 2.0 Site uncovers a new social personal finance site that has mobile capabilities.

Free Money Finance: Save Money by Using Less than Suggested Amounts – Using less of certain packaged items can make the product last a while or go a longer way. I like this idea!

Mighty Bargain Hunter: Tips at a gas station? I actually tip places that have tip jars at the cashier’s register where I happen to be a regular patron. For me, it makes a difference when you have a connection with a store, especially mom-and-pop or smaller establishments.

Five Cent Nickel: Credit Card Bonus Chasing and Your Credit Score discusses some of the issues behind signing up for credit cards. Be forewarned.

Raising 4 Boys: 2007 State Sales Tax Holidays for Back-to-School Shopping – Here’s what you back-to-school parents are looking for! A handy list that shows you when and where items are eligible for a sales tax break.

Blueprint For Financial Prosperity: FDIC and NCUA Deposit Insurance – This covers the facts on deposit and bank account insurance really well.

Consumerism Commentary: House Won’t Sell? Your Price is Too Low? – It’s all about the market forces. The market itself is segmented. So don’t be surprised if lower priced homes don’t sell while mansions do…. or vice versa!

Dr Housing Bubble: Mortgage Equity Withdrawal Syndrome. The 3rd Rail of the Housing Led Boom – I just discovered this great site with this great analysis on the housing bubble. Now this is scary.

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