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Wishing You A Happy July 4th! Jul 2012 3

I’m sending this greeting out, because it’s July 4th once again! Have a good one! Weather is perfect here in the West Coast, and the mood is set for our traditional festivities: a nice family-style meal this evening. We’re earnestly celebrating the 4th of July in the usual manner — a great barbecue with family […]

Financial Books By Bloggers: Book Authors Among Us Nov 2011 18

Lots of people have been hitting the books lately. Not in the way you’d expect though. I meant that many people I know both online and off have been participating in some exciting projects, and have decided to become published authors. Everyone’s A Writer: A Family of Authors? Here’s what I mean. In my family […]

Quick Tips From Around The Financial Web May 2011 6

It’s been a while, so I’d like to take a look at some of the great write ups put forth by top financial blogs I’ve been following. Here are some great reads from the past few weeks: Frugal Tips From Around The Web 1. Shop better with technology. SmartPhones have become a lot more useful […]

The Merchant Debit Card Fees Debate: Banks vs Retail Mar 2011 6

There’s an interesting debate brewing right now between lobbyists representing banks vs merchants, with a lot of drama among the regulators, lawmakers and constituents alike. The issue here is to do with the fees that merchants pay to banks when consumers use their debit cards. These are fees that get triggered when we use our […]

Happy New Year! Our Album Of New Year Greetings Dec 2010 18

We’re closing the year and welcoming a brand new one. And we’re doing it by adding on to our special album of New Year greetings. We’ve collected our wishes throughout the years and include a handful of our favorite posts from the past on some occasions. We’ve seen both ups and downs but overall, life […]

HubPages Launches Money Grows On Hubs Writing Contest Dec 2010 4

Update: This contest is now over. But feel free to check out our site for interesting topics on finance! HubPages.com has launched a new writing contest called “Money Grows On Hubs”. You can write about money and personal finance and get a chance to win some cool prizes in 2011. It’s December and we’re all […]

How To Gift Wrap A Cat For The Holidays Nov 2010 6

We’re getting there! I haven’t seriously started yet, but many people already have: working on that Christmas list. Since I absolutely hate to procrastinate, I am beginning to get that panicky feeling. Shopping is something I would normally enjoy as a leisurely activity, but these days, it’s rush, rush, rush. Family will soon be coming […]

How To Recycle Cookies Through A Cookie Exchange Oct 2010 7

Did you ever wish you had time to bake 10 different kinds of Christmas cookies? I was fortunate as a child in that my mother was able to be a homemaker, and she would make dozens of different kinds of Christmas cookies. She was also mother to seven children who all attended public school and […]

Free Restaurant Gift Certificates Giveaway from BigCrumbs Apr 2010 7

Update: This giveaway has expired, but you may be interested to read more about BigCrumbs below. Lots of good things and events ahead over the next few weeks here at The Digerati Life! To start with, I am noticing that my traffic meter is inching its way towards the 4 millionth mark! It may take […]