myFICO Coupon Code: Credit Products on Sale!

by Silicon Valley Blogger on 2010-03-100

Save 30% on all myFICO credit products

If you carry debt or would like to make sure that your credit is well preserved, then credit monitoring should be a top financial priority for you. And while you can get a hold of your credit information for free, say by ordering credit reports through, you may still be interested in knowing and tracking your FICO credit score, which is the most widely used credit score, according to lenders. If you’d like to keep close watch on your FICO score on a regular basis, then the site has some of the best products for your needs.

Here’s the latest promotion from myFICO: If you are interested in any of the myFICO credit products, you can save 30% off at this time by ordering through this link. Just use the myFICO coupon code myFICOis9 when you make your purchase. This offer is valid for a limited time.

myFICO Coupon Code: Credit Products on Sale!

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect from myFICO’s various offerings:

FICO Standard: You can order your FICO credit report and score from either TransUnion or Equifax, which are two of the major credit agencies. Note that your Experian credit score and report isn’t available through this avenue (but through other sources, such as the Experian site). Also, the information from Experian is considered proprietary and does not follow the FICO standard.

myFICO Score Watch: This is a credit report monitoring product and is useful for helping you see how your credit changes and behaves over time. It’s primarily used as an identity theft protection or credit tracking tool.

Suze Orman’s FICO Kit Platinum: You’ll find a lot of useful financial educational materials, resources and tools in this convenient kit. The focus here is on your FICO credit reports and scores, financial action plans, alerts, reminders and a score simulator.

FICO Quarterly Monitoring: This is another credit monitoring service, but it is offered via TransUnion. You’ll receive a TransUnion FICO score and credit report through this service, on a quarterly basis.

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