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optionsXpress is one of the best online brokers for options traders and active stock investors, as designated by Barron’s. They’ve received the “Best Online Broker” award from Barron’s for many years along with 4 stars for the past 10 consecutive years. Kiplinger’s, on the other hand, rates them 5 stars for offering the best value for option buffs, thanks to their comprehensive trading tools and platforms.

At this time, they are offering online stock trading promotions to new stock investors who decide to open an account with them. You are eligible to receive a $100 bonus which will be deposited into your account once you follow these simple requirements:

optionsXpress Promotional Code Details

  • Fund your new brokerage account with at least $500 by December 31, 2011.
  • Make at least 3 trades within a year of opening your new account.

After one month of meeting these requirements, you should find $100 deposited into your brokerage account.

To open an account with optionsXpress and receive a $100 bonus, please visit this link for more details.

You can also check out these additional freebies and links, which will all be fully available to you once you open an account with this broker:

optionsXpress’ Top Options Broker Features

Here are some details on what you can expect from this online discount broker:

Lots of Free Services

  • Free access to 18 helpful trading tools.
  • Broker-assisted trades are free.
  • Account transfers are free.
  • No fee IRAs.
  • Streaming and real-time quotes are free.

Pricing and Fees
The rates range from $12.95 to $14.95 per trade for options trading. For stocks, it’s either $9.95 or $14.95 a trade, depending on how many trades you make per quarter. Mutual fund transactions are $14.95 per trade (plus loads or other fees). The full pricing table is available on the official optionsXpress site.

Transfer Fee Credit
optionsXpress may reimburse you for any transfer fees of up to $100, if you decide to move your funds over to them. The amount you transfer over should be at least $2,000. This offer only applies to new accounts. You’ll need to contact the broker to claim your credit but make sure to inquire if this offer can be used in conjunction with other promotions, bonuses and offers you are eligible to receive, such as the $100 cash bonus promo.

Free Virtual Trading System
If you want to learn how to trade stocks and options without risking your own money, you can do so with optionsXpress’ Virtual Trading System. This platform is available for free to customers and account holders. For those who’d like to learn how to day trade, using this system is a safe way to pick up the basics.

Education Center
At the Education Center, you’ll find free learning materials and educational resources on various topics that cover stock and options investing, as well as the use of diverse trading tools. You’ll find free webinars, events, newsletters, demos and a variety of tool guides to help you increase your investing knowledge.

Personal Coaching
If you need extra help with your investment and trading strategies, you may want to explore the idea of working with a personal coach. optionsXpress has personal coaches available who can offer you weekly coaching sessions, additional training materials, self-tests and a special hotline. For more information on this, call 1-888-300-1892 to schedule a consultation with a coach.

To read more about this top broker, read our comprehensive optionsXpress review.

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