5 Christmas Safety Tips For A Safe Holiday Season

by Silicon Valley Blogger on 2011-11-264

Be aware of the possible dangers and risks that are associated with the holiday season. We discuss those things to watch out for so we can be safe during the holidays.

The yuletide season is a time devoted to family reunions, merry-making and giving back. But it’s also a time that can be stressful. But some stressors go beyond what we ordinarily experience when we’re braving the shopping crowds or when we’re meeting new people in social situations or even when we’ve gone overbudget with our gift purchases. I am alluding to some risks that are linked to the Season of Joy, when anyone can potentially meet with trouble they are not expecting, if they’re not careful.

Why is that? Because we let our guard down during the holidays. We are caught up in the euphoria and festivities of the times, and we forget how it is to be vigilant. In the midst of the fun and celebration, I’m hoping to interject this friendly reminder for everyone to keep common sense and reality checks in mind during this time of year. It’s that time of year when certain things or eventualities are more likely to happen and some of these things may cost you more than just time, inconvenience or money.

5 Holiday Safety Tips To Keep In Mind: Know Christmas Risks

What can cost you big during the Christmas Season? Here’s a short list:

  1. Be conscious of the additional demand on power that your home will require.
    Expect your utility bill to jump. Make sure your home or business can adequately and safely handle a greater demand for lights, electricity, gas and water. Is it properly winterized? The yuletide bill increases due to holiday festivities and seasonal decorating. Don’t forget that with the non-stop Christmas lights, the heater and lots more indoor entertainment going on, your utility tab can expect to surge. If a winter storm comes along, how would you handle the loss of power? I’d rather use flashlights than candles if need be — just overall safer tools to use.
  2. Watch out for thieves, bandits, burglars and robbers!
    The theft rate rises during the Christmas season in some places, starting in October. With more crowds and more stuff for sale, there’s more temptation for crooks to do their dastardly deeds. If they spot packages in a car, they may conduct an auto break-in. Crooks will be celebrating the season too, and they’re going to make sure they find a way to do it in style. Don’t let them pick on you!

  3. Beware of fraud, swindles and scams that target unwitting revelers.
    Scams abound when the money and cheer are flowing. Everyone wants to share goodwill and good tidings, so it’s easy to be taken advantage of at this time. Also, with more online transactions taking place, there’s a corresponding rise in criminal behavior over the internet involving fraud and scams.
  4. Keep your wits around you when you travel or go out.
    Accidents can happen more often due to weather problems or impaired judgment. With more travel and more people on the roads as folks take time off from work to celebrate traditions and vacations coinciding with rougher weather throughout the nation, the risk of trouble outdoors can increase. Slippery roads, DUI (here’s more on the subject of the costs of driving under the influence), lack of preparation to handle a blizzard or unexpected natural disaster may cause you to wreck not just your car or your bank account. Along these lines, some of us who are in a celebratory mood may seek social connections in a rowdy bar or decide to make some noise with firecrackers. Do you keep your wits around you then?
  5. Do your bit to prevent fires.
    Here’s how your life’s savings or much more can be threatened…the culprit is a possibly preventable house fire. I’ve come across some high profile stories of Christmas tree fires. I’ve heard of a story about a large mansion that was fully bedecked with gorgeous lights and brilliant ornaments that came down in flames with one fatality. A misfortune like this can happen to anyone. Use some Christmas Tree flame retardants, make sure your electrical outlets have safety coverings and avoid having the bulbs overheat by turning off lights that are not in use. Are your chimneys swept and flues checked? Wildlife can get caught in your flue, which can turn into a hazard when you light a chimney fire. It’s always a good idea to have your house inspected regularly to make sure things are running smoothly and your place is safe.

So now you see how it’s possible for the holidays to pose certain risks that can possibly cost you a fortune and beyond. Hence, let’s be merry and wise: watch your pockets, keep your eye on your surroundings, keep warm and stay keen!

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Steve Leung December 17, 2006 at 2:37 pm

Did you see the MythBusters special on those Christmas tree fires? One little spark from an overloaded circuit and the entire place was ablaze. The firefighter even said at within a few seconds a tree fire can’t be controlled using standard fire extinguishers and that evacuation is the only option. Scary stuff…

Maria December 18, 2006 at 4:35 pm

I absolutely agree about the excess that happens during the holidays. Unless you hide under a ROCK, it just jumps out and grabs you. Kind of hard to remember the true meaning of Christmas when you’re so overwhelmed with these high expectations.
Great post!

John Musca September 1, 2009 at 10:19 am

The Holiday season is a time for celebrating with family and friends. We attend parties, church functions and informal gatherings. As we get wrapped up in the season of festive eating and drinking, we forget that there is a limit to what we can take in. We should be aware of our limits by knowing when we are over the limit. Most of us do not intend to be on the roads intoxicated, however, there is no unequivocal way to know if we are drunk. There are a large number of factors to add into the equation where someone can drink but still be under the legal limit. Dependent upon the drink consumed, the amount consumed, weight, ones age, and metabolism. However, every drink that you consume can affect your degree of impairment. During the holiday season or any other time it is best to play it safe and limit what you drink. It would be better to spend that holiday money on the holiday! I enjoyed reading your blog.

John Rowe November 25, 2011 at 10:41 pm

Thanks for the PSA. We should all be wary of the extra dangers and risks that happen when we’re all out there having fun. There should be more emphasis on the issue of drunk driving. From what I know, most losses occur on the roads and during peak travel time.

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