Money Disasters: Fraud, Scams & Other Financial Dilemmas

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You may have heard the claim that money is one of the most common causes of discord, stress and tension in a family or among couples. Most people want more of it but not very many know what to do with it once they’ve got it. When we are bombarded by messages that encourage us to consume, borrow, mortgage and spend, we become vulnerable to the twin forces of greed and fear. The world of money can be fraught with potholes and wrong turns. We’ve created this section to discuss the common problems that come up when we are dealing with money and our assets. We discuss some of the more insidious ways that money affects our relationships and our lives.

Managing our finances is not just about “knowing”, but also about “doing” (or avoiding). There are many potholes and pitfalls that may greet you in life, as you try to grow your net worth and seek financial independence. We discuss some of those negative aspects of money here, as a way to help deter you from problematic situations; we hope that some of our own mistakes and errors in judgment can help you sidestep these types of scenarios.

How does one deal with financial scams, fraud, identity theft and other money problems? We discuss various dilemmas that beset our finances and our lives, how we can protect ourselves from these risks and how these problems may be resolved.

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