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As we’ve mentioned before, the financial space is a thriving, dynamic area of the web that’s built on a lot of diverse voices — from financial journalists at mainstream online magazines and sites such as the Wall Street Journal or Kiplingers to casual money bloggers who lovingly tend to their blogs on a daily basis. There are also employed bloggers who manage corporate blogs for financial startups and larger companies. The works of all these folks are presented in our article collections and roundups. We work to find the best writeups out there and enjoy the contributions made by all those who’ve expressed their passions for finance and business.

We’ve toured the financial blogosphere and web community to find some great articles on money topics. If you’re a fan of finance, you’ll like it here. Check out the thoughtful posts that have caught our collective eye. In many occasions, we add our own two cents to the subject at hand.

Financial Innovation In Silicon Valley: Attended SF Beta! Jan 2011 1

One of the perks of living in this part of the world is the chance to attend cool startup mixers and networking events where you can see what’s brewing in the world of internet startups. While I was bummed that I wasn’t able to attend the Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas that took place over […]

Using Negative Publicity To Generate Buzz: A Cautionary Tale Dec 2010 6

I went shopping yesterday and was not too satisfied with the merchandise in the stores I normally visit. I ended up spending more money than I’d like for stuff I wasn’t intending to buy, so I’m going to have to change my shopping strategy. I think I’m going to stick to shopping at online cash […]

Turkey Place Card Holders and a Happy Thanksgiving 2010! Nov 2010 8

I think I’m going to start a new tradition here during Thanksgiving and showcase some cool turkey-themed household ideas each year. Last year, I shared the idea of having Turkey Pops for Thanksgiving, which was an idea I had stumbled upon on the web. This time, it’s about Turkey Place Card Holders! So what are […]

Is The Recession Really Over? Economic Boom and Bust Sep 2010 13

I’ve asked this question before: is the economic downturn over? First, we hear about Warren Buffett’s assurances that there’s no double dip recession ahead of us. Next, we get some official word that the recession is over. Apparently, it ended last summer, in June 2009. So does that mean that this past year, we’ve been […]

U.S. Currency Bills, Bank Notes, Credentials in Finance Aug 2010 9

Fun With U.S. Currency Bills I thought this was fun. In case these pics weren’t clear, these are $5, $10, $20 and $50 bills aligned against the buildings that are seen on each note. Quick trivia question: do you know which buildings these are? Source: Reddit For more cool currency trivia and other fun facts […]

Best of Money Carnival: Bento Food Art Edition Aug 2009 14

Welcome to the 10th Best of Money Carnival! I haven’t hosted a money blog carnival in ages, so it’s high time I did! I am highly honored and pleased to have been given the opportunity by FMF from Free Money Finance to host this week’s edition of the Best of Money Carnival. As an aside, […]

Online Financial Communities & Sites By Blogging Entrepreneurs May 2009 6

Lots of personal finance enthusiasts are probably aware of the many networks that exist out there that already cover the financial space. But then again, you may be curious about some of the ones that are being worked on specifically by some of your favorite PF bloggers. In this part of the web, there’s always […]

Fierce Financial Tips: The Carnival of Personal Finance #178, Struwwelpeter Edition Nov 2008 73

I’ve been waiting for this chance to host The Carnival of Personal Finance for some time. I usually do this only once a year, so it’s been a while since I’ve been a carnival host and I’m glad to be back on the saddle, so to speak. I figure I’d host once I got a […]

Deal With Inflation, Debt Worries and More With Our Money Tips Nov 2008 2

Our favorite money tips for handling inflation issues, debt worries, home sale concerns and investing questions. Say goodbye to one of the most volatile months in recent stock market history. I’m hoping things stabilize a little here, although we never know what’s in store for us down the road. We’re already hearing grumblings about how […]