Personal Money Report Card: How Is My Money Doing?

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It’s human nature to measure ourselves up against others. It’s practically a hidden sport for many people to be wondering about how their family members, friends and neighbors are doing financially. How often do you hear the quasi-greeting “How’s work?” or “How’s business?” whenever you attend a school or family reunion? Sure, you can probably chuck up the question to something more figurative, so you’re tempted to respond in vague terms as well. But in reality, most people are probably curious about how they stack up against everyone else. At any rate, our snooping tendencies also often influence the way we live our lives — we’re often swept into following expensive fads and “keeping up with the Joneses”. But it’s our opinion that this is not the reason why we should be keeping score. Keeping an eye on our money is also not an excuse to keep a stranglehold over the family bank account. Instead, let’s keep score in order to be mindful of where we are potentially making errors such that we can make corrections and improvements in our financial dealings and habits. Let’s use tools, ideas and methods that will allow us to better understand our relationship with money. Let’s measure ourselves against the people we used to be — hopefully it’ll wake us up and inspire us to be better shepherds of our money.

The articles you’ll find here may satisfy your voyeuristic tendencies, but we’re hoping that they may also teach all of us some lessons. We share our mistakes in order to impart lessons and we divulge our successes in the hopes that they will inspire. We share our personal money stories and our financial score cards, and we’d like to invite you to join our financial journey. We want to stay accountable to ourselves, with regards to money. We’d also love to know how you’re doing.

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