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Happy Father’s Day To All You Great Fathers! Jun 2012 3

I hope you don’t mind that I resurrect this greeting during this special day each year. You see, this message is timeless! To all the wonderful fathers out there — especially to my own Dad, dear Digerati Spouse and Dad-In-Law — Happy Father’s Day. Love this image of Dad as Superman. Thanks, Bagley! You are […]

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays To You! A Christmas Album Dec 2011 18

If you’ve landed here, then it’s either Christmas or you’re looking for something “cute”. If so, then welcome! While I run a personal finance blog — you can read more about me here — I am also pretty merry most of the time, and keep up to date with the greetings. Allow me to greet […]

A Turkey Pops Dessert To Cap Your Thanksgiving Dinner Nov 2011 5

I would just like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! There’s a lot to be thankful for, despite the financial challenges of recent years. We have our health, our family and friends and we’re getting used to the new “normal”. I feel that there’s always hope for (even) better days ahead. I meant to do […]

First Ever Financial Blogger Conference Highlights Oct 2011 18

If you’re a financial blogger, you may have heard that the first ever personal finance blogging conference took place over this weekend (October 1-2, 2011) at the Marriott Hotel at Schaumburg, Illinois. I wish I had discussed it here before it actually transpired, but I had so much going on over the past few months […]

Finovate Conference: Players In The Online Personal Finance Space May 2011 4

There is at least one conference that I am compelled to attend each year, being a personal finance blogger and especially one with the “Silicon Valley” bent. It’s an annual conference that covers the coasts — one is held in the Spring in the SF Bay Area, and another event takes place in New York. […]

Online Contests Galore & Announcements from Financial Sites Jan 2011 4

Update: These giveaways and contests are now over. These past few days — okay, ever since January hit — my blogging activities are being relegated into the wee hours of the night. Why? Seems like the personal finance space is igniting with events over the next few months and well, it’s fun to be in […]

Turkey Place Card Holders and a Happy Thanksgiving 2010! Nov 2010 8

I think I’m going to start a new tradition here during Thanksgiving and showcase some cool turkey-themed household ideas each year. Last year, I shared the idea of having Turkey Pops for Thanksgiving, which was an idea I had stumbled upon on the web. This time, it’s about Turkey Place Card Holders! So what are […]

U.S. Currency Bills, Bank Notes, Credentials in Finance Aug 2010 9

Fun With U.S. Currency Bills I thought this was fun. In case these pics weren’t clear, these are $5, $10, $20 and $50 bills aligned against the buildings that are seen on each note. Quick trivia question: do you know which buildings these are? Source: Reddit For more cool currency trivia and other fun facts […]

Thesis Theme For WordPress Rocks! New Website Design Launched May 2010 26

Every so often, The Digerati Life goes through a few changes to address improvements that our readers have been asking for. It’s been a while since we did a major overhaul here so it was time to get a new look in and I hope you like it! So today, I will be sharing with […]