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Exploring Alternative Investment Diversifiers & Asset Classes May 2012 8

Is there more to investing than putting your money into stocks, bonds and cash? Find out some ways to spice up your portfolio with alternative investments. For most regular investors, a portfolio of index stock funds, bonds and savings accounts are sufficient to achieve some reasonable level of diversification. But those who are seeking the […]

Is Investing In Rental Property A Good Move? Jan 2012 55

Want to be a landlord? Here are some points to consider. For those of us who are investors, real estate has been considered as a decent, long-term investment that can provide us with some reasonable level of diversification. Its historical returns have been somewhat lower than stock market returns over the long run as measured […]

Christmas Budgeting & Holiday Shopping Trends (Infographic) Dec 2011 9

Do you worry about money this time of year? How do we deal with Christmas consumerism? There’s such a thing as holiday stress, which may be partly triggered by spending pressures. How many of us anticipate that our budgets will be under siege? It’s actually what the whole retail industry is banking on. Perhaps there […]

Should a Personal Finance Education Be Offered in High School? Oct 2011 17

I was surprised to find out that there is actually a debate that surrounds the question about adding personal finance as a subject or a curriculum in high schools. I would have expected that this notion would meet with rousing support. But as it stands, one side of the finance in schools debate argues that […]

Be Financially Accountable: Keep A Financial Diary Oct 2011 7

In the corporate world, there’s such a thing called a “status report” that a department or group head will typically require each member of a team to write up on a regular basis. It is written up every so often to take stock of one’s accomplishments (significant or otherwise), to see how much one has […]

Pet Insurance Considerations & Rate Comparison Aug 2011 15

There are a few annoyances that you have to put up with if you live in a pet loving suburb or community. It just goes with the territory. For instance, I was taken aback by one blogger’s lamentation over the fact that her neighbors’ dogs have taken a liking to her lawn, and not in […]

Basic Rules Of Shopping: Try To Get Something For Almost Nothing Jun 2011 7

One of the best ways to live debt free is by living cheaply and by “enjoying” a lifestyle that’s espoused by the cheapest family in the nation. Allow me to share some thoughts on how I try to stay frugal; I’d like to focus on one favorite pastime: shopping! Here’s a simple and basic list […]

Average American Family’s Finances: In Shambles? (Infographic) Jan 2011 13

How do you feel about your personal financial situation? In our case, we are going with the flow. Our financial strategy has always been to try to adjust to the current environment whenever possible. My spouse and I were long term corporate hounds and it served us well to try to climb the career ladder […]

Bush Tax Cuts Extension: What Are The Effects? Infographic Jan 2011 3

While the following infographic on the subject of the Bush tax cuts made me somewhat dizzy and made my eyes spin, I thought it was interesting, nonetheless. I picked it up from and thought it brought out some talking points and big questions: how do these tax cuts affect our personal financial situation, and […]