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Guide To Buying An HP Laptop Sep 2011 6

This is a guest post by Dave at, thanks to the folks from HP. Buying a laptop can be tricky business, especially for the uninitiated. If you’re anything like some people out there, your first instinct would be to call up James, your family friend / nephew / cousin that knows computers like the […]

Employment Discrimination, The Glass Ceiling & The Gender Wage Gap Dec 2009 22

Today, I’m departing from my usual fare by presenting a snarky and controversial guest post by Mr. Moneybags, a personal finance blogger I’ve recently come across. I’d characterize his writing style as risque, highly edgy and different (I had to tone down his post somewhat, in order to run it here). For a much tamer […]

Create Your Work Study Program and Balance Your Job and School Work Jul 2009 15

Based on the awesome response we received for Studenomics’ guest post entitled How To Work Full Time While You’re In College, we decided to follow up on this same topic. The Studenomist is our guest contributor for today; he runs Studenomics, a great personal finance blog aimed at the college crowd. Please consider subscribing to […]

How To Plan A Wedding Without Getting Stressed Jun 2009 16

Some thoughts of a newly married man who’d like to dispel some illusions about the frugal wedding. Tim Parker from Elementary Finance weighs in on what it takes to get hitched. Some weeks ago, I got married. While we planned our wedding, my then fiancee did the bulk of the work while I played the […]

Joining An Investment Club? Watch Out For Groupthink Jun 2009 6

Manshu from OneMint has written this intriguing guest post about an aspect of social psychology called “groupthink”. Sounds like another term for “herd mentality”. While there are many applications of this concept, it appears to have some interesting implications for the world of investing. What Your Investment Club Should Watch Out For If you’re in […]

Guide To Commuter Bikes: Bicycle Commuting Saves Money and The Environment May 2009 28

I’d like to present to you a really cool article on how to cut costs on your commute. It’s a great guest post from, which covers eco-friendly solutions to living, using the right kind of products. You can subscribe to their feed here. We cover a lot of cutting-edge green products at From […]

Why I Pick Stocks: Choosing Individual Stocks Over Mutual Funds Apr 2009 24

The following guest post is brought to us by Manshu from OneMint. Please check out his site and his RSS feed if you haven’t already! I’ve chosen to pick individual stocks and have decided to invest in commodities as well. Also, rather than investing in GLD, I have opted to buy gold coins on my […]

How To Avoid Bankruptcy: 5 Steps To Solvency Apr 2009 20

How we sidestepped bankruptcy. I talk about my near bankruptcy experience. Why do people go bankrupt? The avalanche can begin any number of ways. A few missed days at work. An unexpected medical bill. A sick child. Or maybe it all happens at once: your car blows up, your interest rate adjusts, your job gets […]

The Truth About Earning A College Degree Apr 2009 34

This is a guest post from Grant Baldwin, the author of Reality Check, a book about helping students transition into the real world. His new website,, answers questions from teenagers about personal finance, savings, and all things money. This series “12 Things Every Teenager Needs To Know About Money (And How To Teach Them)” […]